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Your Low Code Development Buyers’ Guide

The backlog of required business apps is exploding and low-code development vendors offer a promising solution to meet the demand. But with a multitude of no-code and low-code solutions to consider, a myriad of complex technology requirements, and over 150 vendors in this category,there's a lot of critical questions buyers must ask as they navigate the low-code development platform market and implement the right solution.

This low-code development platform market buyer's guide outlines some of the pros and cons of low code development, and offers practical guides for evaluating low-code development vendors and successfully implementing popular low-code development platforms. This overview of the low-code trends and solutions can help you browse the low-code development platform market with ease and confidence.

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Part 1: Democratizing App Development with Low-Code Development

Part 1 of your low-code handbook offers the latest research on the changing face of business app developers in the next few years, pragmatic examples of IT-led citizen development, and a list of requirements to ensure successful democratization of app development at your organization.

Part 2: 7 Capabilities to Test When Evaluating Low-Code Vendors

As you determine the right platform for your organization, Part 2 of the handbook offers a list of the most critical enterprise-grade capabilities that your team should evaluate to ensure that both IT teams and line-of-business users can be successful with low-code software in the long-run. Does the low-code vendoryou're considering have what it takes to succeed at enterprise app development and deployment?

Part 3: Evaluating Low-Code Vendors in the Low-Code Platform Development Market – One Developer’s Journey

There are key lessons to learn from other buyers' evaluation experiences. In Part 3 of the low-code guide read how one developer:  

  • Determined the top eight low-code venndorsto evaluate
  • Set a methodology with 11 criteria to compare and test
  • Tested top low code solutions on the market
  • Tetermined the best software for enterprise app development

Part 4: Low-Code Market Licensing Models and How They Affect TCO

If the low-code vendoryou select does not have the right combination of licensing, hosting, services and training, you could find scaling app development very painful and costly. Part 4 of the guide helps you negotiate the best price for your low code development platform by providing insight into:

  • Types of licensing models and how they affect total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • New services and training offerings that save BIG money
  • Negotiating the best price and package with a software vendor. 

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Increasing Scope and Ease-of-Use Expected to Further Expand the Low-Code Development Platform Market

Low-code development platforms help companies digitize a growing range of tasks, such as customer service, inventory management, bidding, proposal development, process management, and move them to mobile devices. Providing the building blocks for apps, low-code development vendors significantly reduce both the cost and time required for application development. It lowers the need for programming while allowing businesses to build a wide variety of web and mobile apps.

The ideal low-code platforms can be perfectly configured to meet complex needs. Owing to its enormous flexibility and speed, low-code development is expected to gain further traction in all types of business sectors. Businesses must find and adopt this software in an expanding market for low code development platforms, with a huge number of low-code vendors that offer low-code solutions with varying degrees of complexities and capabilities. It’s imperative to choose the right product that best fits your needs, so carefully evaluating low code platforms is a must.

What Alpha Software Can Do for You?

As the only unified mobile and web app development and deployment environment with distinct no-code and low-code components, Alpha Anywhere offers significant advantages. IT developers can build complex apps from ground zero with minimum effort. Above all, they can perform a wide range of tasks that go beyond app development. Developers can integrate all types of data–including the data collected via forms on websites and apps–with existing processes and systems. Carefully integrating data sources into apps can add extra layers of security and authentication. Developers can accomplish both with the Alpha Anywhere low code environment.

Businesses that are aiming to shorten their development and time-to-market durations can benefit immensely from our low-code platform. Cost is a critical component in an increasingly competitive economy. Lowering development costs is the only way to provide your clients with affordable, high-quality apps that meet specific demands.

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Part I: Low-Code Development Handbook

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