Mobile App Security Webinar

Critical Issues in Mobile App Security


Webinar: Mobile App Security - The 7 Deadly Sins

The name of the game is mobility. Every industry wants—and needs!—the capability for employees and executives to conduct business operations wherever they want with full access to the most up-to-date business information. The smartphone and the tablet computer are the preferred vehicles for remote real-time interaction with sensitive corporate systems in every industry. 

This revolution is already well under way as business units discover the advantages of mobile apps. These include faster reaction to business needs; closer interactions with customers and end users; availability of current information where and when it is needed; innovative customer self-service portals; and more. 

Unfortunately, associated with these advantages come substantial business risks: to the mobile devices themselves, to the underlying data, and to the back-end databases to which they connect. The trend towards employee-owned mobile devices (BYOD) exacerbates the dangers. Unsurprisingly, recent surveys of corporate executives from many different industries consistently indicate that their #1 concern is information security (or lack thereof), relating to the deployment of mobile devices, 

This webinar looks at several of the major things that can go wrong, and the mistakes that cause them, if mobile computing isn't adequately planned and secured. But, rather than just sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD), Jeff will offer pragmatic solutions to mitigate or avoid the security risks. 



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Presented by:
Jeff Kalwerisky, CISO, TIBCO Software 

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