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Webinar: Using Salesforce with Alpha Anywhere

While Salesforce has become the dominant online SaaS CRM player in the market, building elegant and streamlined Salesforce apps is difficult and time consuming. But, using Alpha Anywhere, developers have a Salesforce app builder for leveraging Salesforce data. 

Additionally, many companies may want to connect other outside data sources to Salesforce. Alpha Anywhere applications can be configured to interface with both Salesforce and non-Salesforce data, making Alpha Anywhere the connector between all of your data sources. And, the inverse is true, with many companies using Salesforce as their enterprise management software where their users live full time. Using Alpha Anywhere, non-Salesforce apps can be made accessible to users as an application inside of Salesforce. 

In this webinar; David Perry and John Bowen of FirmSupport Software will discuss how to use Alpha Anywhere to access and communicate with your Salesforce data. 


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Download a the free salesforce app builder to go along with the webinar.


Presented by:
David Perry and John Bowen, FirmSupport Software 

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