Microsoft Access Webinar

Taking Microsoft Access Applications to the Web and Mobile


Tutorial Shows How to Bring MS Access Applications to the Web and Mobile Devices

Two of the most critical issues facing Microsoft Access developers today are:

  • how to move their legacy Access desktop applications to the web and mobile devices as today's users are demanding, and
  • how to extend the longevity of their existing Microsoft Access apps by adding web and mobile functionality.

Join David Kates as he explains how Microsoft Access developers can bring new life to their existing Microsoft Access database applications. He'll explain how things are done in Alpha Anywhere for web and mobile development in contrast to what you are used to with Access. If you currently use MS Access databases or have in the past, then this webinar will help you to become productive quickly with Alpha Anywhere. 

Learn how to extend your Microsoft Access Applications to web and mobile devices.


Want to try extending your Microsoft Access Applications using Alpha Anywhere? You can do database design for web and mobile devices and tie to multiple data sources with a free trial.

David Kates presents a webinar on Microsoft Access Applications

Presented by:
David Kates, Owner, Adjustable Software and Microsoft Access Developer

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