Alpha TransForm Summer 2022 Release Notes

A new release of Alpha TransForm has shipped. This update largely focuses on improving the speed and performance of TransForm Central, TransForm Filler, and TransForm API when downloading and uploading forms. Along with speed enhancements comes a few new features.

Uploading Reports to Storage Services

Save reports and copies of your forms to an external storage service, such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Reports can be created and uploaded to a third-party storage service whenever a form is submitted to your TransForm account. The feature is divided into two parts: an OnSubmit event that creates the report and an interface in TransForm Central to authorize Connected Applications where your data is stored.

To get started, visit TransForm Central and set up an application connection to the storage service (Amazon S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox) where TransForm reports or forms will be uploaded.

Connected Applications interface in Alpha TransForm

Once you've configured your connected app(s), you can create an OnSubmit event to upload the report or form data to the service. Both the Send Report and Save Form in Storage events can be used to upload data to a third-party storage service from TransForm. The easiest way to add one of these events to your account is with the TransForm OnSubmit Genie in Alpha Anywhere Community Edition

Enhanced Dashboard Filtering

Dashboards include a new option to filter or modify form data before downloading it to the browser via Extra Server Processing. These features are aimed at providing tools to speed up Dashboard rendering through the reduction of payload sizes via TPL.

Extra Server Processing applies only to the data supplied to Dashboard Tiles. It does not affect the List Forms view of forms that meet the filtering criteria. Extra Server Processing is ignored by the List Forms view.
These tools include several new TPL system variables:


This variable contains User Inputs defined in the Dashboard. This variable does not include User Inputs defined in tiles. This variable is only available in Extra Server Processing.


This variable is the number of forms that match the Dashboard filter. This variable is available to Tiles.


This variable contains the form data that matches the Dashboard filter. This variable is only available in Extra Server Processing.

TransForm API Data Pagination

The TransForm API now limits how many forms can be downloaded, returning a maximum of 200 form instances in a query. Results are paginated, meaning additional forms can be fetched by requesting the next "page" of data.

API endpoints affected by this change include:

If you've leveraged these API endpoints in your own apps, you will want to update your apps to support the new pagination requirement.

Bug Fixes in TransForm Summer 2022 Release

This release also includes a number of bug fixes.

  • Made performance enhancements for dashboards which include a large number of form instances.
  • Increased form storage capacity in the web filler.
  • Fixed issue when uploading single forms ("Upload One") to the server.
  • Fixed issue where forms would be downloaded to the filler app even though the user could not see them due to permission settings.
  • Fixed issue where Relative Dates were not working with User Values.
  • Fixed issue where the Android Back button would not return to the Forms List screen from Queues.
  • Fixed issue to keep selected form instances visible in the List of Forms when you tried to collapse the form's section.
  • Fixed issue where nofiller metadata was not being included in Dashboard forms data. This value can be retrieved using the metaDataGet() TPL function as well as from the $dash.row data values.
  • Fixed issue where the Claim Forms screen in the mobile filler app would appear blank on subsequent visits.
  • Fixed issue where notifications were not being sent when a form owner was assigned via an onSubmit event.