Lock Down Your Corporate Data

While Allowing Business Users to Innovate 

Business Users are Building Mobile Apps You Can't Lock Down. We Can Help.

Business users are under heavy pressure to innovate and mobilize. They're using app and mobile form products to quickly build business apps. While easy to use, these products capture sensitive corporate data and holds it in databases or spreadsheets outside of IT control. 

This puts your entire company at risk.

Secure Your Business Apps
Alpha TransForm helps organizations:

  • Secure corporate data in mobile forms and apps without slowing down the business
  • Integrate business apps into the existing systems of record and workflows
  • Equip business users with a secure way to build (and update) the business apps they need in minutes 
  • Consistently deliver high-quality, high-performance business apps with:
    • outstanding UIs for end-users (including those using one-handed data entry or working in a location without WiFi or cell signal)
    • rich mobile data capture (GPS/time/date stamping, speech-to-text, audio recoding, photo capture and annotation, barcode scanning, etc.)
    • the latest mobile features (API integration and Webhooks, sophisticated offline operation, large data storage, etc.)

On a 5-minute call, we'll explain how Alpha TransForm works. You'll learn how to:

1) empower business users to build mobile apps

2) speed the delivery of more reliable, sophisticated business apps for your organization

3) maintain corporate security as you take business processes mobile.

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Learn More on a 5-Minute Call

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