Lock Down Your Corporate Data

While Allowing Business Users to Innovate 

Business Users are Building Mobile Apps You Can't Lock Down. We Can Help.

Business users are under heavy pressure to innovate and mobilize. They're using app builders or mobile forms products to quickly build business apps. While easy to use, these solutions capture sensitive customer, partner and company data, holding it in databases or spreadsheets out of IT's control. 

This creates major headaches for IT putting your entire company at risk.

Secure Your Business Apps
We help organizations:

  • Lock down mobile forms already at play without slowing down the business.
  • Integrate apps created by business users into the existing databases and workflows  IT organizations have already invested in and secured.
  • Provide a method for business users to develop new, secure business apps in minutes -- with higher performance, faster UIs for end users, and richer data capture capabilities (offline operation, data lookup and validation, large data storage, GPS, audio/image capture and more).

Let us show you how to secure your business apps and keep your security and data policies in place.

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