Benefits of Low Code Software

White Paper Outlines the Advantages of Low Code App Development

Low-Code Speeds App Development and Improves App Performance

Low-code application development is becoming a favorite among small, medium, and large businesses for building both web and mobile apps. There are several benefits of low code development, key among which is its ability to drastically cut time to application completion.

Companies can gain competitive advantage by using smartphones and tablets to speed the collection and sharing of information. When these new applications are coupled, with back end systems for workflow, analytics and reporting, companies can gain even more significant advantages. 

To better utilize mobile devices for business, companies must build hundreds of mobile apps to power daily business tasks. Another crucial benefit of low code software is that it automates many of the complex and time consuming parts of mobile app development, thereby accelerating development of mobile apps.

Low-code development tools automate routine coding so app development of both web and mobile apps is faster and easier.

Both developers and business workers can use low-code software to build applications. Business users can create data collection apps with ease. Developers can quickly assemble a wide variety of applications including workflows, reports and analytics from highly configurable components, increasing their productivity - often dramatically.

The drag-and-drop tools of low code development increase collaboration between business experts and development teams. They also reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve corporate security.

Yet another significant benefit of low code software is that it helps companies build new and secure web and mobile applications systems. This software can also significantly boost the reliability of apps. Those apps can integrate with existing back-ends, multiple databases and legacy systems. Low code tools can also easily integrate with the cloud.

Download this white paper to read about the pros and cons of low-code development and learn how Alpha Anywhere makes building apps fast and easy. 

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Low-Code Drives Competitive Advantage

The most crucial benefit of low code software in a competitive economy is that it can also make your company more agile and responsive to fast-changing business, economic and social conditions. It can speed time to market, leading to a competitive advantage and increased income. Mobile-first solutions can also power apps with intuitive user interfaces that deliver outstanding customer experiences.

These high-impact apps can be as simple as business forms, or as complex as full-blown mission-critical systems. They can be built using existing staff, without having to hire additional developers and other staff. The applications can be produced for customers or employees.

  • A study by 451 Research concludes low-code/no-code platforms can increase developers’ efficiency by between 50% and 90%.
  • A construction company used low-code software to build a power suite of new applications while cutting development costs by 50%.
  • John Rymer of Forrester says low-code development can speed up software development by a factor of ten. 
  • One education company sped app development by 3X, and reaped a 60% revenue increase in less than a year.

Low-Code Enables More People to Build Apps

Low-Code Drag and Drop Tools Enable More People to Build Apps | Alpha Software

Yet another critical benefit of the low code app development platforms is that both IT staff business experts – can use them to write business applications.

IT staff can quickly assemble applications from components, increasing their productivity. They can use the time saved to concentrate on higher-value development work.

Business users without development experience can quickly craft cross-platform apps that do daily business tasks. Because low-code apps are responsive, they work flawlessly on any iOS and Android device.

As a result, low-code software makes:

  • business users (or citizen developers) proficient at building mobile apps.
  • developers incredibly productive at complex mobile app development, including offline apps.

Low-Code Powers Business Agility and Digital Transformation

Low-code application development platforms improve businesses’ efficiency and agility. They can lead the way to digital transformation and answer the demands of a rapidly evolving workplace.

Low-Code App Development Platforms Drive Digital Transformation | Alpha Software

Low-code processes can improve every aspect of how businesses operate. These apps transform not only the development process but the entire company allowing everyone to use technology to get work done.

Citizen developers, who best know department needs, can craft applications quickly, without having to ask IT for help. Business users can immediately conceive and produce useful business applications. IT can integrate “shadow IT”, by leveraging reusable code and making sure finished applications follow corporate standards.

Advantages of Low-Code Software

Advantages of Low Code Software | Alpha Software

The best low code software creates secure apps with the smartphone capabilities users love. Business users can become more involved in developing business apps with intuitive low code features. Collaborative enterprise app development improves business practices, creates better customer experiences, and increases the productivity of business users across the organization.

The best low-code software solutions deliver:

  • Faster app development - Low-code software speeds routine coding, doing the complex work for developers, such as building offline apps. Adopting a low-code development process makes development teams more productive.
  • Flawless cross-platform apps -Low code software capabilities allow developers to code an app once and it will run flawlessly on any iOS or Android device.
  • Business agility - Companies can quickly rollout task-based apps to respond to threats and opportunities, including seasonal activities.
  • Cost savings - Companies can do app development in house, saving money on hiring additional developers or outsourcing app development.
  • Improved Security - IT can sanction software for business users to build secure apps, while focusing on high value projects and maintaining security.
  • Outstanding User Experience - Low-code software solutions that utilize best practices will build applications with outstanding design and user interface features


Traditional vs. Low Code Development Benefits’ Comparison

Here’s a quick snapshot that summarizes the benefits of low code development platforms:

  Traditional Development Low Code App Development Platform
Development Process

Multiple prototypes and heavy coding required

Extensive Testing

Fixing of errors and re-testing

Ready-to-use templates, so no prototypes or coding required

Drag and drop components as per specific needs

Development Time Six  months or more

Few days

Ease of Use

Extremely demanding and challenging process both in terms of expertise and cost

Extremely easy-to-use and convenient with low cost

Technical Knowledge Required

Requires software development experts

Business users with minimum or no technical knowledge can build apps and configure them

Multi-platform Capability 

App has to be built independently for each platform

A single multi-platform app that works on the web, mobile, or cloud can be built


Deployment alone can take a long time.

Can be deployed in a single click

Technical Support & Maintenance

Significant resources needed to offer technical support or modify, scale, or maintain software

Easy to make timely changes, update, and maintain


A Low-Code Development Platform with Major Advantages

Alpha Software checks all the boxes for those looking to buy the best low-code platform. Alpha Software products are ideal for companies of all sizes that want to build powerful business applications and apps.

Alpha TransForm helps business users craft online or offline mobile apps in minutes that utilize the latest mobile features (camera, GPS, etc.) for fast, accurate data capture. Alpha Anywhere has the unique ability to rapidly create mobile-optimized forms and field apps that can easily access and integrate with any database or web service and can exploit built-in role-based security or robust offline functionality.

Advantages of low code products from Alpha Software

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