World Cup Football App built in Alpha Anywhere in 3 days. Demonstrates How Alpha Anywhere can easily build Mash ups with JSON data from REST Services


From Concept to Completion, App Took Three Days to Build and Deploy with Alpha Alpha Anywhere;

Draws data from, Google and Flickr APIs


BURLINGTON, Mass.—July 4, 2014— World Cup fans now have the chance to instantly access all the stats, latest photos and geographical information for the players battling for the cup with a new mobile app built on Alpha Anywhere from Alpha Software Corporation. The Alpha Anywhere World Cup App is a fast way to view the latest stats, results, images and relevant maps on any mobile device.


The Alpha World Cup App pulls the most up to date information on games and players from public APIs, and serves it up in a responsive app that works on any mobile device. Using the Alpha Anywhere World Cup App, soccer fans can instantly access:

  • the latest game results
  • team’s hailing countries on an interactive map
  • the latest stats and images of their favorite players.


Using the Alpha Anywhere low-code high productivity development environment, a single developer took the concept from an initial idea to a full-blown app in three days (including learning how the various API’s work.)

The app, which uses APIs from Google maps, Flickr and, demonstrates the ability of Alpha Anywhere to consume  REST APIs and display the results using Alpha Anywhere’s  HTML5 client side templating capabilities within a list control.

Thousands of developers at major companies use Alpha Anywhere to speed up routine coding and integration so that they can focus their efforts on creating the design and functionality of powerful and secure IOS, Android and WinPhone mobile and web business apps that leverage data from SQL databases, Access databases and data from Web Services.

The Alpha Anywhere World Cup App was wrapped by PhoneGap using the PhoneGapBuild capability that is integrated in Alpha Anywhere.

Check out a video of the app shown above. The app was designed to run on IOS, Android and WinPhone.

If you want to download and run the app on your Android device, please email and we will send you the QR code to load it on your device.


In the coming days, Alpha Software will be publishing educational materials that show how quickly and easily this app was created and deployed. For those interested, the Alpha Anywhere development environment is available for a 30-day free trial at  Also check out videos re Alpha Anywhere at

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