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Agricultural Worker Safety - A SaaS App Built with Alpha Anywhere

We're excited to share this new SaaS app for agricultural worker safety built by one of our customers using Alpha Anywhere. We believe this showcases the flexibility of our rapid mobile application development platform and how different vertical markets can customize Alpha Anywhere any way they see fit. Interested to learn how Alpha Anywhere can help your organization build complex mobile and web apps fast?  Take a free 30-day test drive.


Leading on-farm work health and safety management into the digital age for agribusiness

Safe Ag Systems™ will bring your agribusiness into the digital age with interactive desktop and mobile software that allows you real time access to your work health and safety (WHS) management system - both in the office, and in the paddock.   Developed to support compliance with Australian model WHS laws, Safe Ag Systems™ can be customized to suit any agribusiness, and negates the need to spend thousands on engaging a consultant to develop a static, paper-based WHS Manual... more likely to collect office dust than to add any value to your business. Active use of the Safe Ag Systems™ program is guaranteed to reduce your exposure to the likelihood of incurring a hefty fine… or worse, a work-related fatality. Not only does this hassle-free, dynamic and intuitive program take the stress and anxiety out of WHS - it protects your family, your farm and your livelihood - and allows you to get back to doing what you do best - farming. A seamless combination of highly functional desktop software accompanied by a sophisticated yet incredibly simple to use mobile app - Safe Ag Systems™ is your one stop shop for all things WHS compliance related. Concerned about record keeping? Safe Ag Systems™ has got it covered. With every user interaction recorded in 'the cloud', the Safe Ag Systems™ program provides a robust platform for the secure filing of all your WHS related records - available on demand, whenever and wherever you might need them. The perfect solution to maintaining a fully documented, auditable trail of evidence to appease even the strictest of WHS inspectors. But what about my privacy? Don't worry. Your information is safe with Safe Ag Systems™. With an impenetrable, fully integrated security framework, administrators are able to manage the accessibility level of all user accounts - meaning only those with the appropriate permissions are able to access and edit your farm's WHS management system, if and when required. Active use of the Safe Ag Systems program will assist in minimizing the likelihood of receiving multiple fines as a result of non-compliance with work health and safety laws.


What does the system provide?

WHS Policies A unique set of agribusiness-specific work health and safety related policies which are readily available for edit and use on your farm. Finally, policies that are farmer-friendly! Available via desktop and app. WHS Inductions Based on the WHS obligations of workers (as outlined in your farm's policies), this fully editable, pre-populated induction template allows you to provide the necessary training and instruction to your workers in order to meet legal requirements; as well as holding each individual accountable for WHS, so it's not just you and your business that carries the load. Available via desktop and app.   Emergency Management Whether it's a snakebite, a bushfire or a hazardous chemicals spill - be guided by our template and develop your very own emergency response plan, which can be readily viewed and activated at the touch of a button. Available via desktop and app. Worker Fitness For Work Asthma, back injuries and allergies are common examples of health issues that may have an impact on the health and safety of your workforce. Maintain awareness of the physical health and wellbeing of all workers by entering individual health information into the program, generating actions for prevention and reducing the likelihood of worsening an existing condition… which may leave you open to a costly case for compensation. Training Register Training, training, training. WHS laws place special emphasis on the importance of not only training your workers, but retaining records in order to prove their competence. Spreadsheets can be cumbersome… paper-based registers even more so. Maintain a live record of all workers qualifications and skills via the Safe Ag Systems™ Training Register, which equipped with a 'reminder' function, means you'll never miss a license expiry date ever again! Action Manager The heart of WHS compliance - evidence based continual improvement. Whether it's the repair of shearing shed handrails or the purchasing of a first aid kit for the header, allow the Safe Ag Systems™ Action Manager to do all the hard work for you. Assign actions, reminders and due dates to workers in order to provide evidence of your farm's journey towards WHS compliance. Available via desktop and app. Inventory Yes - you read right; the maintenance and use of your pride and joy (machinery, tools, plant and equipment) should be as much a part of your WHS management system as your workers are. Use the Safe Ag Systems™ Inventory to streamline (and most importantly provide evidence to support) the maintenance program for all of your prized possessions. Available via desktop and app. Farm WHS Inspection Not sure where to start with WHS, or how to prompt the 'continual improvement' process? Linked to the Action Manager, the Safe Ag Systems™ Farm WHS Inspection asks all the hard questions, and allows you to identify and prioritize what needs to be physically achieved in order to become compliant. Available via desktop and app. Safe Ag Systems™ Library "There is so much information available online about WHS - but none of it is relevant to agribusiness!" The Safe Ag Systems™ Library has got it all. From Codes of Practice, to hazard alerts, fact sheets and other guidance material - the Library is the perfect resource base for farmers needing agribusiness related WHS information, or perhaps as a conversation starter at your next tool box meeting. News Feed Want to stay on top of what "s happening in the WHS world? The team of WHS professionals at Safe Ag Systems™ works day in day out, to bring you only the most credible news headlines regarding WHS in agriculture. A fantastic source for free lessons arising from incidents in other workplaces. Who's on Site Working in remote and isolated areas - or even just on your own - can make it difficult to know the whereabouts of your workers. The Safe Ag Systems™ Who's On Site function allows workers to know exactly who is on site at any given time, which becomes particularly important in the case of an emergency. Available on app. Message Board Providing evidence of consultation on WHS related issues can be tedious, particularly if you only employ a small workforce. Nobody wants to spend all day in the office writing records of discussions about WHS - farming would cease to exist! The Safe Ag Systems™ Message Board allows workers and management to talk to one another; whilst at the same time, providing an auditable trail of evidence.


Coming Soon

Risk Register "What IS a Risk Register?! " The hub of your entire WHS management system - the Safe Ag Systems™ Risk Register is the golden ticket in providing evidence to suggest that you have identified, assessed and controlled all WHS risks to as low as reasonably practicable. Don't quite follow? Not to worry. Safe Ag Systems™ has pre-populated everything in farmer-friendly language in order to assist you in making decisions about how to prevent people from coming to harm… which in turn protects your livelihood. Hazard, Near Miss and Incident Reporting The formerly not-so-fun, but now made incredibly easy - part of maintaining a WHS management system. Also linked to the Safe Ag Systems™ Action Manager, the Safe Ag Systems™ Hazard, Near Miss and Incident Reporting function takes the annoyance out of filling out pages and pages of paper forms by providing check boxes, pre-populated fields and other information to guide you through the reporting process.
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