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New Release: Alpha Anywhere 3.1

Over 20 New Features Now Available — Including Disconnected Image Capture/Upload!

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We are thrilled to announce that Alpha Anywhere 3.1—the latest update to our award winning enterprise mobile development and deployment platform—is now available to all active license holders! If you have an up-to-date license, simply navigate to the News & Updates window inside the software to download the patch.

Alpha Anywhere 3.1 builds upon the over 70 new features that were added with our massive version 3.0 launch in September, bringing greater functionality and ease of use to one of the "10 Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools for Enterprises (AppIndex)."

What's new in version 3.1?

Disconnected Image Capture

A common requirement in many mobile business apps is the ability to capture images using the camera on the device and upload them to a remote database. But what happens when the app is disconnected (i.e. does not have an internet connection)? With Alpha Anywhere 3.1, we've added the ability to capture images using the device camera while disconnected, building on the robust offline feature set introduced with version 3.0!
Learn more: Watch the overview video

Custom Data Sources in Reports

Previously, when you created a report in Alpha Anywhere you could choose to base the report on a SQL data source, or a native .dbf table. Now, you can specify that the report is based on a custom data source.

Worldpay Integration

By combining Alpha Anywhere, a unique mobile and web app development environment featuring offline capability, with Worldpay’s payment processing expertise, enterprises can now easily add premium payment processing services to mobile and web applications.
Learn more: Read the press release

Apperian EASE Integration

While we introduced our partnership with the Apperian enterprise mobile app management platform and app store in version 3.0, the seamless inegration is now fully documented in the release notes.

Built-in Video Player Control

Previously, to add video to a UX component, you had to first create a stand-alone Video Player component and then embed that into your UX. Now, the UX component includes a built-in video player control. The Video Player Control supports YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler and HTML5 video players.

Alternative Login Using Microsoft Live Connect

With Alpha Anywhere 3.0, we introduced social login through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now, the Alpha Anywhere alternative login feature supports user authentication using Microsoft Live Connect.

New Quick Start Mobile App Templates

Development of Alpha Anywhere is driven by a simple philosophy: Help developers be as productive as possible. With version 3.1 we've added two new quick start mobile templates that you can deploy with a single click.

Command Line App Publishing

Typically when you publish your web application you do it using the user interface in Alpha Anywhere. However, there may be cases where you would like to automate the process. A new function, a5w_publish2() has been added to make command line publishing easier.

Mark 'Dirty' Fields Before Synchronization

When you have a List with an associated Detail View and you edit the data in one of the List's rows, a customizable icon is shown to indicate that the row has been edited, but not synchronized to the database. You can now indicate the dirtyfields in a List row that has been edited by specifying a custom CSS class.

Much More!

This is only a sampling over the over 20 new features and updates added with version 3.1. To see the full list, along with documentation and tutorial videos, check out the release notes. To see everything that has been added with each past update, click here.

See the Full Release Notes



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