Enhance Offline Applications with Alpha Anywhere’s Client-Side Data Cache

The Client -ide Data Cache allows you to fetch data from a server and store it on the client’s browser.

Offline access is a must for mobile apps. While Alpha Anywhere has built-in support caching data when the the device is in offline mode via local storage (or the file system in PhoneGap apps), it can be difficult to fetch and store data offline when the information isn’t being stored in a list control or other method for which Action Javascript methods are available. If you wanted to download and cache a file in a PhoneGap application, for example, you may need to write an Ajax callback to peform the task and then create extra javascript to store the data somehow in the mobile application.

Alpha Anywhere’s new client-side data cache lets you download information from the server and store it until you need it. In PhoneGap applications, the data can even be stored on the device’s file system, enabling you to store a significant amount of data on the device. Data stored in the client-side data cache can be loaded from a SQL database, an xbasic method, or static data source. In the video below, we explore the new features available for the client-side data cache and how you can use them to enhance your applications with offline web support.