Mobile Forms Beta Summary - Mid-September Update

We have been seeing some great feedback on the Forums this month during the Tablet Optimized Forms Beta. This post is intended to highlight some interesting conversations, ideas, projects, or threads from our beta program. In addition to the discussions highlighted below, we also have a variety of touch optimized form resources we've been building. Check out the tablet forms resources on the forum to help you start building mobile forms today. Don't see what you need? Be sure to let us know on the tablet forms forum!

In the Forums

A lot of great questions about modifying the sample tablet form application and FormView have been asked on the forums. We'd like to highlight some of those questions in today's post. If you have feedback you'd like to contribute to the subjects below or about your experience building web forms with the new tools, be sure to post them in the forum!

How do I format a Date/Time field in the FormView?

Unlike the list control or a textbox on a UX or Grid component, there are no obvious settings for specifying the format of date and time fields in a FormView control. Fortunately, Alpha Anywhere's client-side templating makes it easy to reformat date and time data into the format you'd like to show the user.

How do I populate a Dropdownbox Editor from a database with separate displayed and stored values?

For static lists of data, populating  a Dropdownbox Editor is easily done. We demonstrated several methods for using static data or aggregating data from a list control to populate a Dropdownbox Editor. But what if you need to populate your dropdownbox editor from a database? See how the client-side data cache was utilized as a solution to this problem.

How do I create a Switch Editor with more than two states?

The Switch Editor is an immediate editor that lets you change the value of a field without requiring an editor or editor set. In our seminal video of the subject, we demonstrated using the switch editor for a logical field. However, it can be used to edit fields with multiple states.

How do I save data from a FormView control back to a SQL database?

Early on in the beta, users wanted to know how to push edits done with FormView back to a SQL database on a server. This was accomplished using the Detail View operations in a List control.

Joining the Beta

If you're not a part of the mobile optimized forms beta, you can learn more information about the program and sign-up here.

Tablet Beta Contest Extended

Due to heavy interest in the Tablet Beta program and requests from customers, we have extended the deadline for the Tablet Beta Contest to mid-November. What does this mean? Well, for those of you who missed the original entry deadline, this means you have nearly 2 months to put together a submission for the contest.

If you submitted an entry in the contest, it will be included in the entries collected by the November deadline. If you have submitted an entry, however, and want to make changes, you can submit an updated entry for the contest!

The new deadline is November 20, 2015 at 11:59 PM EST. Check out the contest page for more details. If you have any questions or need help, drop by the Tablet Beta Forum.
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