Alpha Software Recognized as a Top Enterprise Mobile App Development Platform

Alpha Software’s rapid mobile application development platform, Alpha Anywhere, lets developers create cross-platform mobile apps. Alpha Anywhere’s integration with PhoneGap build enables users to build a mobile application once and generate native apps for iOS, Android, and more. Apps created with Alpha Anywhere can be deployed not only to mobile devices, but to desktop and web interfaces, as well.

In addition to Alpha Software’s recent inclusion Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms, Alpha Anywhere continues to garner wider recognition and accolades from IT analysts profiling the most successful paths for developing powerful enterprise mobile apps. Blue Hills Research, a Boston-baed analyst firm that is a leader in verifying technology-driven business success, became the latest analyst firm to jump on the Alpha Anywhere bandwagon.

Blue Hills Research Logo

This week, Tony Rizzo, noted mobility expert with IT industry analyst firm Blue Hill Research, featured Alpha Software in “Mobile Centers of Excellence – A Marketing Term or a Very Useful Enterprise Tool?” In his piece, Rizzo discusses mobility as a competitive requirement, but points to the challenges organizations must overcome on the path to enterprise mobility. Rizzo explains:

 “…the key to successful mobile deployments hinges on a company’s mobile apps consistently delighting the end user (whether workforce, partner, or consumer customer) with the same level of sophistication and polish that all mobile users now fully expect from their consumer apps. But far easier said than done!”

Rizzo then mentions seven key mobile vendors driving industry innovation and highlights Alpha Software’s expertise and market leadership in helping enterprises truly embrace mobility, saying:

Alpha Software may offer the very best in enterprise-grade rapid mobile app development platforms.”

We are glad that leading analysts like Gartner, Forrester and Blue Hill have recognized the business value and impact that Alpha Anywhere can have in organizations.


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