White Paper: The New Holy Grail: A Path to Cost-Effective, Built Right, Built Fast Mobile Apps

In a World of Constant Change, a Case for Rethinking Business Application Development and Modification to Sustain the Business


Business Application Development White Paper
Rethinking mobile app developmentThe business challenge of adapting in competitive markets is nothing new, but the speed and scale at which business must adapt has changed dramatically in the past 5 years. Companies are now faced with battling back from tough economic situations, coping with volatile world markets, keeping pace with multiplying data volumes, responding to prospects and saavy competitors more than in other time in history. They are also expected to interact with a variety of business audiences through an ever expanding range of methods 24/7.

Given that so many of these challenges require technology responses, IT departments bear the heaviest burden for answering these challenges, but their ability to scale to answer these challenges isn't very encouraging so far. Gartner has determined that IT backlogs are actually compounding annually at a rate of 10% to 20%.1 The implication is that IT backlogs could actually double in the next five years! Amid this failure, IT organizations continue to increase spending, with Gartner estimating worldwide IT spending hit $3.7 trillion in 2013.2

In this white paper—which includes real world examples and case studies—learn how Alpha Anywhere is helping companies combat:

  • The challenges of high costs of development and deployment
  • The difficulty finding talent that can code for a range of mobile devices and web
  • The need for rapid development and modification
  • The added complexity and cost of building applications that can work offline
Business Application Development White Paper
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