Alpha Anywhere Consultant Scores LA Unified School District Contract with Offline App

Los Angeles Unified School District mobile app developmentAs regular readers of our blog know, the core benefit that Alpha Anywhere developers see when using the product is unmatched speed of development (with no sacrifice in power, features, or opportunity to customize). And one area where Alpha Anywhere  outshines every other app development platform in that regard is in the building of mobile apps that work offline. Alpha Anywhere's offline application framework enables developers to create and deploy mobile and web apps with offline data access.

As Forrester Research noted in their 2014 report The Offline Mobile Challenge, offline is "the most important and difficult mobile feature...and will be a consideration for nearly every modern application." But, except for Alpha Anywhere, it is a problem that no other development platform has been able to solve in an easy and cost-effective way. Caching offline data is a complicated problem to solve. Not only must you save data, but you must resolve data conflicts when offline data is synchronized to a database.

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Skipping the Proposal and Going Straight to a Working Offline Application

Independent Alpha Anywhere development firm Team Global has just used Alpha Anywhere's built-in offline capabilities to score a major consulting win with the LA Unified School District (LAUSD)

The LAUSD—the second largest school district in the country after New York City—invited a number of consulting firms to submit proposals for an offline mobile elevator inspection app. But, while other bidding firms submitted proposals for an application, Team Global submitted a working offline application (because they were able to build it from scratch in such a short amount of time), winning the contract!

Check out the video below to see an overview of the application, built entirely in Alpha Anywhere:

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