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How To Develop A Messaging System For Multi-Tenant Database Apps

The following is a guest post by independent Alpha Anywhere developer Doron Farber, owner of The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. Doron’s entire development business relies on Alpha Anywhere for custom software development and commercial software products.

What Are Multi-Tenant Database Apps

The purpose behind a multi-tenant application is to have one database for all the tenants, each tenant being a client, separated by its own unique ID. A tenant is a group of users who share common access to the software with specific privileges. Multi-tenancy is sometimes also know as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Application Overview

We developed a messaging system using Alpha Anywhere's database application development software as the frontend and MS SQL database as the backend. The entire multi-tenant app project was developed and designed as a framework and can be used in different projects with the same code.

Now being used in over 250 independent locations, the messaging system is designed to alert users of any upcoming software maintenance and log them out when it starts. Each tenant can run its own maintenance independent of one another. In addition, messaging can be deployed for companies with no connection to the multi-tenant system. Meaning that company XYZ can send 200 of their employees alert messages or news.

The messaging systems will inform all the users, days before any maintenance is due. When the company or software provider has started the maintenance, users can not log in. There are a number of practical features for the messaging system: the ability to create as many messages as are needed and schedule them for whatever time is required; the ability to perform message testing;  the ability to fully customized messages and their formatting.

About Doron Farber
The Farber Consulting Group, Inc. in business since 1992 and the owner Doron Farber started developing software since 1983. The Farber Consulting Group offers custom software development and  Microsoft Access development. In addition they convert MS Access applications to web-based applications that can run on the desktop or as mobile applications.Learn more about their Remote DBA services. For further information on the kind of work the Farber Consulting Group, Inc provides please visit their website.
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