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Delay Rendering Embedded Components, Google Maps in a List and More

As usual, it was another busy week here at Alpha Software headquarters as our development team was hard at work bringing Alpha Anywhere users a continuous stream of new features and updates to help streamline the mobile app development process. Below, we've highlighted a few of the new mobile enterprise development tools added to the software this week.

To get a sense of the latest and greatest in Alpha Anywhere—including built-in offline mobile application support, seamless integrations with our partners at PhoneGap, Apperian, and WorldPay, NoSQL database support, massive updates to the security framework, and over 70 other new features—check out an overview of Alpha Anywhere 3.0.

Delay Render Embedded Components

A common pattern in large applications is to design a UX component that has several embedded components. The embedded components are typically on different Panel Cards that are all wrapped in a Panel Navigator. The embedded components all have their 'Delay render till visible' property set to true so that the initial load of the parent UX is not slowed down.

However, while the user is working on PanelCard 1 (for example), you might want to fire off a Ajax callback to load PanelCard2's embedded components in the background so that when the user does eventually navigate to PanelCard 2, the embedded component has already been loaded and the user does not perceive any delay. This video shows how this can be done.

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Displaying a Google Map in Each Row of a List

In this video we show how you can add a Google Map to each row in a List to display the position of a point in the current row on a map.

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Using a Slider to Display the Value in a Numeric Field

In a List control that display numeric values, instead of displaying the number, you might instead want to use a slider to represent the numeric values.

This video shows how the template for the numeric field can be easily modified to display the number using a slider.

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