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New Release of Alpha Anywhere now Available

Alpha Anywhere Logo-1A new release is available for Alpha Anywhere. Alpha Anywhere has several new features for building fantastic user experiences. This release of Alpha Anywhere also marks the release of a brand-new installer for managing installed products.

Spice up your apps with Animation

Animation plays a large role in the user experience. Motion can help orient users with your application navigation hierarchy and establish relationships between visual elements. Alpha Anywhere expands on transitions already available for building applications with a new container class: Card.

Inspired by the Gmail login interface, Card containers create animated transitions between different content areas in a web or mobile application.




Providing Context with Fixed Data Columns

Spreadsheets with a lot of columns become challenging to read when critical information scrolls off-screen. One way spreadsheet designers deal with this is to freeze columns and headings. Freezing columns keeps key details visible, such as a name or place, making it easier to understand the rest of the spreadsheet's information.

The List's column view is very similar to a spreadsheet view. Like spreadsheets, Lists with too many columns become hard to follow. Alpha Anywhere adds the ability to freeze List columns in place with the new Fixed and Virtual Columns feature. Frozen columns remain on-screen while scrolling the List.




New PDF Reporting Engine

Alpha Anywhere is phasing in a new PDF report generation engine. We first introduced this new method in Alpha Anywhere Called "Direct to PDF," this new PDF generation method allows us to bypass the Amyuni Printer.

PDF reports will use the new method in desktop, web, and mobile applications. While you can force applications to use the deprecated PDF generation method, everyone is strongly encouraged to use the new engine and send us your feedback.

Report generation using the Amyuni Printer is now deprecated, and we are removing the Amyuni printer drivers in a future release of Alpha Anywhere.

Simplifying Upgrades with the Universal Installer

Installing Alpha Anywhere is now easier than ever with the release of our new Universal Installer. Manage all your product installations with one app, including the Developer Edition, Application Server for IIS, Application Server, and desktop Runtime. You can easily upgrade or rollback Stable, Preview, and Nightly releases of any Alpha Anywhere product with the Universal Installer.

The new installer is a departure from the traditional model where you had to download an installer for each version of every product you wanted to install or upgrade. The Universal Installer only needs to be downloaded once. Updates are available as they're released and applied with a click of a button in the Universal Installer.




We've put together several how-to articles to help you out with your first experience with Universal Installer:

Build apps for free with the Alpha Anywhere Community Edition

Want to try the new release but don't have Alpha Anywhere? Download the Alpha Anywhere Community Edition today! Gain access to all of the new features in Alpha Anywhere as well as the full development platform for building web and mobile applications. Your apps can include GPS, audio and video recording, photos, digital signatures, push notifications and more. You'll be able to connect your apps to popular databases and web services you already use.

Bug Fixes

This release also includes several notable bug fixes.

UX Component

  • Comments in user-defined JavaScript functions are no longer removed
  • Fixed issue where the onChange event for the Date-picker in a List with in-place editing was not firing
  • Fixed a regression with the Tab control with genie style enabled
  • Fixed an issue validating fields in a Repeating Section that has deleted rows
  • Fixed an issue computing summary values in a Repeating Section that contained deleted rows
  • Fixed issue with the PDF Viewer control not working in a published application due to missing files

Grid Component

  • Calling the .refreshGridRow() method now updates pre-fetched Detail View data in a Grid component
  • Fixed a regression in Grids with Detail Views based on .dbf tables
  • Fixed a regression when a Grid Detail View contained an edit-combo control

Web Applications

  • Fixed issue where the authentication dialog did not appear in the GraphIQL tester for services authenticated using Node
  • Fixed an issue in setting page and component security when a Workspace opened from a network share

Cordova Shell Component

  • Fixed a regression preventing components from being loaded in the sample Cordova Shell component (formerly PhoneGap Shell component)

AACommunityEdLogoTry Alpha Anywhere for free.

Build all the apps you need without any costs with a free license of Alpha Anywhere Community Edition.

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