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One of the Speakers at the Alpha Conference 2015 has a new book on UX

 A New Book by One of the keynoters Elizabeth Rosenweig, who will be giving one of the Keynotes at the Alpha Anywhere Devcon 2015 //  is about to be publishes. Details are at the link below. Her Keynote will be very timely in terms of the mobile and web apps that are being built in Alpha Anywhere. …

Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps, 1st Edition


Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps, 1st Edition,Elizabeth Rosenzweig,ISBN9780128009857

A hands-on approach to designing and implementing a successful User Experience

Key Features

    • Uses strategic models that focus product design and development

    • Teaches how to decipher what tool or methodology is right for a given moment, project, or a specific team

    • Presents tactics on how to understand how to connect the dots between tools, data, and design

    • Provides actionable steps and case studies that help users develop a complete strategy, from the big picture of product design, development, and commercialization, to how UX can help create stronger products

    • Case studies in each chapter to aid learning




Successful User Experience: Strategy and Roadmaps provides you with a hands-on guide for pulling all of the User Experience (UX) pieces together to create a strategy that includes tactics, tools, and methodologies. Leveraging material honed in user experience courses and over 25 years in the field, the author explains the value of strategic models to refine goals against available data and resources. You will learn how to think about UX from a high level, design the UX while setting goals for a product or project, and how to turn that into concrete actionable steps. After reading this book, you’ll understand:

      • How to bring high-level planning into concrete actionable steps

      • How Design Thinking relates to creating a good UX

      • How to set UX Goals for a product or project

      • How to decide which tool or methodology to use at what point in product lifecycle

This book takes UX acceptance as a point of departure, and builds on it with actionable steps and case studies to develop a complete strategy, from the big picture of product design, development and commercialization, to how UX can help create stronger products. This is a must-have book for your complete UX library.

Readership: User experience professionals working with product development engineers and teams, as well as graduate researchers in the field.

Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Elizabeth has worked as a consultant and employee in several major corporations for over 28 years. Her experience includes design and development, ranging from website and, applications, to hardware products and technology development. Elizabeth has completed projects for many major corporations as well as academic institutions. Elizabeth holds a BA in Fine Art Photography and Printing Technologies from Goddard College and a MS in Visual Studies (User Interface Design and Computer Output) from the Media Lab at MIT.

Affiliations and Expertise

Principal Consultant, User Experience Center, and Adjunct Faculty, Human Factors and Information Design, Bentley University, USA.

Table of Contents

Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps, 1st Edition


Acknowledgements and Introduction

      • What the book is about

      • Who the book is intended for

Chapter 1 What is UX?

Chapter 2 Design Thinking

      • Innovation

Chapter 3 UX Thinking

      • Apply Design Thinking to UX

      • Methods

Chapter 4 Strategic Models

      • Setting Goals

      • Looking at the big picture

Chapter 5 Beyond Mobile: Device Agnostic UX

      • Beyond WIMP

      • Form Factors

      • Context of Use

      • Voice Interaction

Chapter 6 Inspection Methods

      • Expert Review

      • Cognitive walkthrough

Chapter 7 Usability Testing

      • Task based

      • Open Ended

      • Contextual based

      • UX Metrics

Chapter 8 Iterating on the Design

      • Agile

      • LeanUX

Chapter 9 Moving Past the Lab

      • Field Studies

      • Field Research

      • Competitive Analysis

      • Literature Review

      • Focus Group

      • Information Architecture

Chapter 10 Global UX and Online Studies

      • Online surveys

      • International Studies

Chapter 11 Surveys Web Analytics/Social Media

      • Web Analytics

      • Social Media

Chapter 13 Service Design

      • Voting Systems

      • World Usability Day

      • Big Design Conference Strategy

Chapter 13 Getting Buy in

      • Dealing with Resistance

      • Users get in the critical path

Remember the Iterative Approach

Chapter 14 Successful Stories

      • Creating a UX Strategy

      • Our UX Strategy

Chapter 15 Failure as Success

      • Failure as Success

      • Iterating to get it right

Chapter 16 Big Picture: Checklists and Roadmpas

      • Checklists

      • Samples

      • Roadmaps

Chapter 17 Glossary



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Richard Rabins

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