Peter Caspari Builds Comprehensive SaaS Platform for Small Businesses with Alpha Anywhere

Australian IT consultant Peter Caspari was looking to expand beyond his base of building custom solutions for customers. As he developed more solutions for his clients, he realized that many of the modules could be customized and re-used for a comprehensive SaaS Web site for small businesses. So while continuing to build custom solutions for customers, he also used Alpha Anywhere to launch EasyBizz, an all-in-one integrated suite of online business tools. It includes quoting, invoicing, inventory, human resources, contact management, and other modules with full reporting. Included is a mobile app for running a business using mobile devices.

"Without Alpha Anywhere, I probably wouldn't have been able to build, deploy, and launch EasyBizz," he says. "Alpha Anywhere made it so easy to do, I was able to build the system on the side while I was still doing all my normal consulting work. "Fifty percent of the work that would have gone into the project was already done because I had built similar modules for my customers."

Benefits for Customers

That also benefited the customers of his custom-built solutions, because he was also able to port rich business features from EasyBizz into other apps he built for his custom clients such as job scheduling and an inventory control system. Using EasyBizz, his customers are replacing paper-based systems, as well as those that use Access, Excel, MaximizerCRM, and DropBox, because EazyBizz allows files to be linked directly to transactions such as quotes and invoices.

"What's great about Alpha Anywhere is that it has standard design patterns that give EasyBizz a consistent interface, making it simple for my customers to use," he says. "There's a consistent look and feel across modules. If someone is familiar with the inventory module, they'll be able to easily use the purchase order, quoting or invoicing module because it looks and works much the same."

He adds that Alpha Anywhere made it extremely easy to build the EasyBizz mobile app as well.

"I couldn't have chosen a better tool than Alpha Anywhere to build EasyBizz," he says. "It let me include all the features I needed, saved me time and effort, ensures a common interface among all the modules, and makes it easy to continually update it. I'm looking forward to adding even more modules."

For more details, see the full case study here.
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