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Alpha Anywhere Featured in Adobe PhoneGap Newsletter

Easily convert your HTML5 custom web application development projects into hybrid mobile business applications with Alpha Anywhere's seamless Adobe PhoneGap integration

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With the recent release of Alpha Anywhere 2.0, we've tightly woven one-click Adobe PhoneGap integration directly into the Alpha Anywhere custom web application development environment. In their June 2014 newsletter, the PhoneGap team announced this exciting new integration, which enables developers to build robust, hybrid mobile business apps—apps that can take advantage of native device functionality and be deployed to the various app stores—up to "90%" faster than with other platforms.

Here's what Adobe PhoneGap had to say:

Recently Alpha Software decided to integrate PhoneGap Build within their Alpha Anywhere HTML5 mobile development environment. The decision was based on the realization that many developers are overwhelmed with the process of building native business apps with the standard development tools for iOS, Android and Window Phone 8.

Using the PhoneGap Build API, they were able to build a sophisticated PhoneGap app builder that removes all of the complexity of building and testing PhoneGap apps for Alpha Anywhere users.Using their IDE, developers no longer have to worry about XML configuration files, plugins, supported platforms, features or app packaging. It’s all handled through the integrated builder. The builder will also automatically generate all of the app icons and splash screens for all supported platforms at the required resolutions for both retina and non-retina displays.

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The Alpha platform is the only unified mobile and web app development and deployment environment with distinct “no-code” and “low-code” components. Using the Alpha TransForm no-code product, business users and developers can take full advantage of all the capabilities of the smartphone to turn any form into a mobile app in minutes, and power users can add advanced app functionality with Alpha TransForm's built-in programming language. IT developers can use the Alpha Anywhere low-code environment to develop complex web or mobile business apps from scratch, integrate data with existing systems of record and workflows (including data collected via Alpha TransForm), and add additional security or authentication requirements to protect corporate data.