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Mobile Myth Crushers, Part 2

In my last blog post, I crushed two of the most common myths about mobile development. Now I'm back to crush three more — and to show you the tools that will reduce costs and speed development time for mobile, the Web, and the desktop.

Myth #3: You Can't Have the Same Development System for Mobile and Web

Alpha SoftwareMany companies feel they need to use separate mobile application development software from their Web development tools. That means using, managing, and paying for two different sets of resources — a substantial waste of time, effort and money. There's no need for that. The same tool, same methodology, skill set, and processes can be used to develop for mobile, the Web and the desktop, saving time and money.

Myth #4: Mobile Development Takes a Long Time

Alpha SoftwarePeople have told me they believe mobile development takes longer to develop and deploy. Their concern is that mobile requires time to train developers, transition to a new development environment, and plenty of time for testing and validation. But in fact, mobile development can be faster than traditional development if it uses a simpler, more agile development environment.

Myth #5: You Have to Throw Out Your Current Assets and Infrastructure

Alpha SoftwareMost people think that with mobile, they'll have to throw out all of their hard-earned work, all the code, existing databases, .NET framework, business logic, and more. That's not true if you have a platform that ties into those existing assets. All those core assets can be leveraged for mobile development and need not be abandoned.

What's the solution?

So how can all of this be done? By using the right toolset, one system that allows you to develop for mobile, the Web, and the desktop. A tool that lets you develop once and deploy to multiple platforms.

There are tools that promise to do that. At Alpha Software, though, we believe we've got the best one — Alpha Anywhere. No need to throw out code and infrastructure, no need to retrain developers, no slow-going mobile development, and no high costs. Developers can work however they want, with a visually oriented tool, by writing custom code, or combining the two. It's a front-end to back-end, prototype-to-production environment for rapidly developing and deploying enterprise-level, cross-platform mobile and web business applications. Customers from large to small depend on it.

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Dion McCormick
Dion McCormick

Dion McCormick, Lead Solutions Engineer at Alpha Software, is a recognized expert on agile application development. He helps enterprise development teams around the world transition from slow legacy approaches to high-performance mobile, web, and desktop development using the Alpha Anywhere platform.

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