Dan Bricklin and AlphaRef Reader in SDTimes - "From Spreadsheets to Reference Apps: A Matter of Utility"

Alpha Software CTO Dan Bricklin, co-inventor of VisiCalc and developer of AlphaRef Reader talks to SD Times about the need for simplicity in online application development. Alpha Anywhere online application development platform in SD Times magazine While at AnDevCon, the Android Developer Conference, Alpha Software CTO had a chance to sit down with SD Times for a brief but insightful interview on his unique and storied career. In the interview Dan shares some of the factors that lead to his creation of VisiCalc, his drive to make simple, functional software, and how that same principle drove his development of the new, cross-platform mobile application—AlphaRef Reader. AlphaRef Reader, Dan's most recent project, is a documentation and reference material reader built entirely in Alpha Anywhere. Not only does it bring a much needed solution to the problem of reading reference material on mobile devices, the application also shows off just what Alpha Anywhere and HTML5/Hybrid is capable of in terms of power, flexibility, and UI. As SD Times writes in the article:
Bricklin still brings the principles of efficient organization and design simplicity to his current project, AlphaRef, a reference reader designed with tablets and phones in mind."

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