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Apperian Brings new Enhancements to App Security in Alpha Anywhere


In a previous blog post, we described how, through its partnership with Apperian, Alpha Software has further enhanced Alpha Anywhere's ability to build and deploy very secure mobile apps for business by adding encryption for data at rest (DAR.) Security is a major requirement for enterprise applications. Business data needs to be transmitted and stored securely. Alpha Anywhere's built in security framework simplifies the task of integrating security into mobile and web apps. Alpha's authentication framework is highly configurable, allowing you to create accounts or use third-party authentication networks for user credentials.

In this blog post we wanted to highlight some additional security capabilities that now come through the Apperian Partnership.

Also for a joint webinar hosted by Alpha Software and Apperian on the topic please go to this link.

Security capabilities that have been added to Alpha Anywhere's security capabilities are summarized below.

Additional Mobile App Security can be Added to Alpha Anywhere through its Apperian Partnership

Apperian provides a rock-solid mobile application management security layer that protects the true endpoint – the mobile apps and data. Mobile administrators can easily apply security policies to any enterprise mobile app without requiring code modification to app source code. This approach provides for a fine-tuned environment for mobile app security requirements. Policies are applied through Apperian’s patented app wrapping technology that dynamically protects individual apps seamlessly to end-users.

Apperian Mobile App Security

    • Corporate Authentication – Dynamically requires users to enter their corporate credentials before the app will open. This utilizes our enterprise integration for single sign-on (SSO).
    • Data-at-Rest (DAR) Encryption – Allows data stored by the app without having to encrypt the entire device. The entire app and any local data (sandbox container) are encrypted with FIPS 140-2 encryption and Suite B algorithms, the strongest encryption used by the US government and approved for export.
    • App-Level VPN – Provides an secure connection from the app to your company gateway for both authentication and access to data behind the firewall without giving access to the entire device.
    • Copy/Paste Protection – Disable copy/paste for apps to help control data from being leaked.
    • Data Wipe – Remotely wipes the data for any app, without requiring MDM technology.
    • Jailbreak and Root protection – Disables an app from running if it detects the device is in a compromised state.
    • App Expiration – Allows an app to remain enabled for a predetermined amount of time and disable it from being run.
    • Run-time Integrity Check – Calculates the checksum of an app at run time and compares it to the checksum from when the app was first imported into Apperian. If there is a mismatch, it means the binary on the device was tampered with and will not run.
    • Self-updating App – Checks for new versions of an app at run time and prompts the user to update that app ensuring 100% update compliance for a particular app version.
    • Crash Log Reporting – Captures crash logs and returns them to the mobile administrator without requiring user intervention.
    • App Usage – Tracks app usage data and provides statistics in an analytic dashboard for mobile administrators.
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