Alpha Five v11 Rated "5 out of 5" by Network World and

We were thrilled to learn that just this past week Network World and published an extraordinary 3-page review of Alpha Five v11, awarding it a "Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5." In the review, author Mark Gibbs highlights the speed and flexibility of development that Alpha Five v11 enables:

"One of the biggest selling points of A5 is that it can generate "codeless" AJAX-driven database Web apps; in other words, you can create a Web application without having to write any code, and that code will automatically use Asynchronous JavaScript and XML so it can interact with a server without having to use Web page refreshes. Better still, for all its rapid application development capability and automatic functionality, A5 is also incredibly flexible; and, one of the latest additions to the product is the ability for Web applications created with A5 to support mobile devices."
In addition to a detailed overview of the product and its architecture, Mark Gibbs' review outlines the impressive database support built into Alpha Five v11 and addresses the issues of deployment and scalability. And, while Gibbs writes, "I would strongly recommend [v11] if you're looking for a Web application building solution that can be rolled out and maintained with a minimal amount of effort," he makes sure to reinforce the unconstrained development capabilities built into the platform, noting that "the look and feel of [your] Web applications can be completely customized through custom coding." [Read the full review. Learn more about Alpha Five v11.]
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