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Built using Alpha Five: Start Software's-Tracker system for Sportsjam

Start Software uses Alpha Five v11 development platform to create
One of the best parts of my job is learning how Alpha is helping our customers be successful.  In this new video case study, Robin Bennett, managing director of the UK-based Start Software, discusses the benefit of Start Software's "Tracker" software system written for leading sportswear manufacturer Sportsjam, built using our Alpha Five v11 development platform. In developing this cross-platform application, which covers customer management, quotations, order control, and invoicing, Start Software took advantage of Alpha Five's component builders in order to deliver a robust, data-driven application quickly and efficiently. According to Robin Bennett:

"We use Alpha Five to build our software because it enables us to build software from components. Because we can use components, we write less code, which makes our software more reliable. It also means we can build software much more quickly for our clients, which helps keep the cost down."
Prior to adopting Alpha Five as their primary web and mobile web development platform, Start Software relied on MS Access for building desktop apps. Using a MS SQL Server backend and Alpha Five v11, Start Software was able to develop an application for Sportsjam that can run on any PC, Tablet or Smartphone. In addition to praising the powerful functionality of the Alpha Five development platform, Robin Bennett discusses his experience working closely with the Alpha Five development team. As he says in the video, "The support we get from Alpha is really good. We have direct contact with the developers at least weekly, which means that we get to influence the product and also we get to test new versions of Alpha Five as they come out." Through the responsiveness of the development team, Robin notes that Start Software is able to "put new features in our software for our clients." [Watch the video. Try Alpha Five v11.]
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