Mobile Forms Beta Summary - Week 3

We have been seeing some great feedback on the Tablet Optimized Forms Beta Forums in the last week during the tablet forms beta. This post is intended to highlight some interesting conversations, ideas, projects, or threads in our mobile optimized forms forum. As our beta program progresses, we hope you find the information useful for building your own web forms using the beta features available in Alpha Anywhere. If you have questions about touch optimized forms or how the new beta tools can help you build them, drop by the forums.

In the Forums

This week, we want to highlight some questions from our Beta users and Resources you may find valuable. If you can't find what you're looking for or need help building web forms, be sure to tell us! We actively monitor the message boards and are more than happy to assist.

Using Multi-State Switch Editors

In the thread, Switch Editors, we posted a new video about using Switch Editors to edit values in-line rather than using an Editor Set for binary data. A user asked how that Switch Editor could be configured to handle multiple states (3 or more.) We posted a sample component you can download that demonstrates how to do this.

How do I use the {*field} Placeholder in a Conditional Statement in a Template?

Bill Hess wanted to build a field template that checked the value of the field inside a conditional. While you can use {*field} in Field Templates, this particular placeholder is not one you'd use to check the value of a field. Visit the thread to see how you'd create a conditional statement that referenced the value in the field.

Tablet Forms Resources

Our list of resources is growing every week. In addition to Alpha's Video Library and the Beta Resources Page, we've been maintaining a list of Resources we feel are useful to help you create mobile forms, with links to threads, podcasts, and videos. Check it out.

Tablet Beta Contest

Alpha Software is running a Tablet Contest! Submit your tablet or mobile form design for the chance to win a new iPad Air 2. Check out the contest page for more details and post your questions on the Tablet Beta Forum.

Joining the Beta

If you're not a part of the tablet beta, you can learn more information about the program and sign-up on the Tablet Optimized Form Capabilities Beta page.
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