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TechTarget Names Alpha Anywhere 'Product of the Month'

Disconnected app storageJames Denman of Search Software Quality (a TechTarget publication) recently attended the Alpha Software User Conference in Boston. While at the conference, James listened to product presentations, met with Alpha Anywhere customers, spoke with attending industry analysts and met with Alpha Executives. He worked up all his conversations and the customer demos he was shown into an extensive article, resulting in Alpha Anywhere 3.0 getting named “Product of the Month” by TechTarget.

Offline Applications with Alpha Anywhere

The full article—Alpha Anywhere Brings Mobile Applications Offline—is a very in-depth article which discusses details about the product, the benefits, and “what makes it cool.” James quotes Alpha Software customers including Tom Ritter, Sagrika Mehta, and Uday Ondhia, who spoke very positively about Alpha Anywhere. James also includes several images/graphics, including VDC research on the importance of building offline capability. Offline support in mobile is a critical feature for enterprise applications. Without offline access, users can't use mobile apps without incurring high data costs or limiting mobility. Alpha Anywhere's built-in offline data caching lets you create mobile apps that work when a device is in offline mode. Here's an excerpt:
Alpha Software's Alpha Anywhere 3.0, a mobile application development platform that features robust offline support, is SearchSoftwareQuality's Product of the Month for October 2014….Alpha Anywhere is an extension of the Alpha Software development platform that focuses on enterprise mobile application development. Alpha Software, based in Burlington, Mass., is designed to be a low-cost way to build functional applications for business purposes."
We invite you to read the full article and share it via the social networking buttons with your friends and colleagues who would be interested in learning about Alpha and our new offline application development features. Alpha Software
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