Transcript of Arthur Fuller's Interview on Leaving MS Access

We've published the transcript for the ninth episode of our Adventures in Alpha Land podcast series. You have to scroll down the page to reach the transcript. In this podcast, we interview Arthur Fuller, an Access developer turned Alpha Anywhere. Alpha Anywhere is a rapid development tool that can integrate with a variety of data sources, including SQL and Access database for building desktop, web, and mobile applications. Arthur Fuller has been working with MS Access since the early Nineties. Once he tried out Alpha Anywhere, he realized that this is the solution for Microsoft failing to provide a viable solution for Web or mobile apps:
From what I've seen, the last innovations were introduced in Access 2000, and since then a couple of enhancements have been added for power users, but not programmers. They've seemed to have abandoned the whole idea that Access is a programming environment. They haven't killed it, but they certainly haven't done anything to enhance it.
Arthur advises all MS Access developers:
For new clients who haven't got a system yet, then there's no way in the world I would consider any more doing it in Access. I would say, "Let's go to Alpha, and here's why."
If you want a deeper understanding of why an expert application developer has made the switch from MS Access to Alpha Anywhere, listen to the podcast or read this new transcript.
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