Low-Code Development

Speeding Enterprise App Development


How a Low-Code Development Platform with Built-in Capabilities Can Speed Business App Development.


There’s a new generation of mobile enterprise apps on the horizon: mobile apps that improve business practices, create better experiences for their customers, and increase the productivity of their partners and employees. 

Often developed by tech-savvy business analysts with little IT or programming support, these apps enhance worker productivity. With these apps, firms increase profits, cut costs, and drive business value by mobilizing the moments of engagement - the points of contact where work gets done. 

But there are 4 critical factors that these task-oriented business apps need, and they are often complex and costly to implement. The Alpha Anywhere is a low-code mobile app development platform that dramatically speeds development times for the functionality you need most — offline capability, data integration, security and cross-platform UX — helping you bring your app to market faster at a significantly lower cost. 

Download the white paper to learn how Alpha Anywhere makes this possible.

What are the 4 critical factors of mobile enterprise business apps?

  • Offline
  • Data Integration
  • Security
  • Cross-platform user experience
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Low Code Development Whitepaper

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