Industry 4.0: The Role of Mobile Apps in the Manufacturing Industry

How Mobile Technologies Can Dramatically Improve Manufacturing Operations  

Over the next decade, manufacturing organizations will face a dramatic labor shortage. How bad will it be? A recent Deloitte manufacturing industry study warns that the industry will have 4.6 million jobs to fill between 2018 and 2028, but will likely only be able to fill 2.2 million of them.

To combat the labor shortage, experts advise manufacturers to digitize data collection processes using mobile business apps for manufacturing. With the assistance of mobile digital tools, employees will become more efficient, allowing manufacturers to stretch resources. Examples include digitizing 5S Audits and Gemba Walks for lean manufacturing.

These advancements brought on by Industry 4.0 will help with overall production and inventory operations, boosting bottom line results. 

Practical Steps for Digital Production at Your Organization 

This white paper looks into what’s holding manufacturers back, why the case for moving to digital is so compelling, and how companies can finally make Industry 4.0 a reality at their organization.

  • Why mobile is manufacturing's secret weapon in digitizing processes and Industry 4.0
  • Combatting key challenges on the path to mobile and digitization
  • Initial steps you can take towards Industry 4.0 using mobile technologies
  • Should you build or buy mobile digitization technologies - 8 critical criteria to consider
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Industry 4.0: The Role of Mobile Apps

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