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High fidelity prototyping shows feature-rich mobile app concepts, demonstrates business value clearly, then offers full UI components to  rapidly complete the app to meet aggressive deadlines. Your "first cut" app will be able to


 collect data in remote locations with sophisticated offline capabilities:

  • easily store massive amounts of critical information (e.g., manuals, maintenance  or inventory records, repair videos, etc.) in an on-device database for access when signal isn't available 
  • perform complex validations and calculations against on-device data, even when offline

 digitally capture field data quickly and more accurately - no transcribing required;

  • audio, and photos with annotation
  • GPS location, and time and data stamps
  • voice-to-text notes 
  • bar code scanning with data lookups
  • time-oriented data collection with built-in stopwatch or countdown controls

 mobile product design interface enables complex data capture, including support for one-to-
 many relationships


 integrate with existing workflows, databases, systems of record and web services


test your prototype, check UX design on iOS and Android devices with varying screen sizes, and then complete the design process


Once you get approval for your app, you can finish your app using Alpha TransForm's powerful TransForm Programming Language and rich API. If you need even more power, you have the flexibility to extend your work by using any server-side language or Alpha Anywhere, Alpha Software's top rated low-code mobile and web app development and deployment platform. 

Alpha TransForm:
The best way to begin any mobile app project.
  • Build interactive prototypes in minutes with outstanding user experiences and the latest smartphone features.
  • Eliminate the need to write and debug lines of code when you need to prototype apps quickly.
  • Gain faster approval on new app projects by showing working first "cut" applications.
  • Quickly complete apps, instantly deploy and realize business value in days.
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Finish your app in TransForm, or use the low-code development tool of your choice, including Alpha Anywhere. 

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Use prototyping tools, create wireframes, experiment, and demo apps to stakeholders. Complete apps in TransForm or leverage the low-code tool of your choice.

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