Rapid App Development (RAD) Buyer’s Guide

Selecting a the Right Low Code Development Platform

Selecting a Rapid App Development Platform: What Buyers Need to Know

Creating an enterprise mobile strategy is a challenge most businesses are facing. Mobile-savvy end-users -- used to cutting edge B2C apps -- demand targeted, mobile-first apps with outstanding user experiences. The backlog of new apps or existing apps needing updates is skyrocketing, and IT is strapped to meet demand. Mobile developers are hard to find and hire, and the talent doesn’t currently live in your organization. Or does it? Here’s one look at how companies are succeeding amid the mobile app explosion by empowering line of business users to build web and mobile apps with Rapid App Development (RAD) Platforms.

Read all 4 parts of the rapid app development buyer's guide:

Part 1: Democratizing App Development with RMAD

Part 1 of our Buyer's Guide offers the latest research on the changing face of business app developers in the next few years, pragmatic examples of IT-led citizen development, and a list of requirements to ensure successful democratization of app development at your organization.

Part 2: 7 Capabilities to Test When Evaluating Rapid App Development Platforms

As you determine the right platform for your organization, Part 2 of our Buyer's Guide offers a list of the most critical enterprise-grade capabilities that your team should evaluate to ensure that both IT teams and line-of-business users can be successful with the platform in the long-run. Does the rapid app development platform you are considering have what it takes to succeed at enterprise app development and deployment?

Part 3: Evaluating Rapid App Development Platforms – One Developer’s Journey

There are key lessons to learn from other buyers' evaluation experiences. Part 3 of the guideRead how one developer:  
  • determined the top 8 rapid app development platforms to evaluate
  • set a methodology with 11 criteria to compare and test
  • what he learned
  • and which product came out on top for enterprise app development.

Part 4: Rapid App Development Platform Licensing Models and How They Affect TCO

If the rapid app development platform you select does not have the right combination of licensing, hosting, services and training, you could find scaling app development very painful and costly. Part 4 of the guide will help you negotiate the best price for your rapid app development platform by providing insight into:
  • types of licensing models and how they affect TCO
  • new services and training offerings that save BIG money
  • negotiating the best price and package with a software vendor. 
Democratizing Mobile App Development

Rapid App Development Buyer's Guide Part I:

Democratizing Mobile App Development with RAD

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