Alpha Anywhere Featured on the Adobe PhoneGap Blog

New article posted on the Adobe PhoneGap Blog highlights how Alpha Anywhere 2.0's seamless, one-click PhoneGap Build integration dramatically reduces the time it takes to build and deploy hybrid mobile business apps

Building hybrid mobile business apps with PhoneGap
With the recent release of Alpha Anywhere 2.0, we unveiled what is sure to be a game-changer for many business app developers: Alpha Anywhere's seamless, one-click Adobe PhoneGap Build integration for building hybrid mobile business apps.

Through this built in Adobe PhoneGap Build integration, Alpha Anywhere gives developers the benefits of HTML5 plus full, unbridled access to native device capabilities and the ability to deploy their business apps through the various app stores.

The people over at Adobe PhoneGap have taken notice and have just posted an article on their blog penned by Bob Moore—Alpha Software's VP of Mobile Technology and the lead architect of Alpha Anywhere's PhoneGap integration.

Citing Gartner's estimate that by 2016 more than 50% of mobile apps deployed will be hybrid, and the extraordinary pressure felt by developers to deliver results quickly and cost-effectively, the article provides an overview of how Alpha Anywhere removes the inherent complexity of building and testing PhoneGap Apps and makes the development and deployment of hybrid mobile business apps extraordinarily easy.

By giving developers — even those without prior PhoneGap knowledge — a simple and fast way to turn their Alpha Anywhere-created HTML5 business applications into hybrid apps, Alpha Software has made the creation of powerful cross platform hybrid business applications a reality for even more businesses."

—Brian LeRoux, Product Manager for Adobe PhoneGap

Alpha Anywhere - Infographic Overview in One Image
Alpha Anywhere Tutorial: Build a Multi-File Customer/Order Mobile App in a few hours.

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