Full Blast Mobile Optimization with New Release 4.4.5

We are excited to announce the release of Alpha Anywhere 4.4.5! This release includes over 40 new features, including new mobile optimized controls, app templates, offline enhancements and performance improvements, expanded support for new data sources, new Desktop features and more.

New Mobile Optimized Controls

Alpha Anywhere 4.4.5 features a number of new controls and editors for capturing data in applications:

Multi-Select Token Control

Integrate the new Multi-select Token control into applications to display a list of search terms or selected values:



Expanding Menu Control

Add navigation to a mobile app with the Expanding Menu control.



Numeric and Alpha Numeric KeyPad Editors

Use custom Numeric and Alpha Numeric keypads in place of native keyboards.

keypad.png       keypad2.png


Time and Date-Time Editors

Provide intuitive Date and Time selection with the new Time and Date-Time Editors.

timeSpinlist.png      dateTimeSpinlist.png


Intelligent Offline Support

Building offline applications just got easier with enhanced support for incremental offline refresh, improved file system data storage, and new events that trigger when an app's connectivity changes. These changes provide the flexibility needed to store large amounts of data offline, improve application load times, and automate data synchronization, eliminating the need for users to manually upload changes.

Jump Start Applications with new Mobile Templates

 Templates can help accelerate application development. Several new templates have been added for mobile applications, including a new template for building apps with an Expanding Menu tree and Data Driven Forms. These templates can be used to build responsive user interfaces that adapt to changes in the device's layout and underlying data source.



Upgrade to Alpha Anywhere 4.4.5

In addition to new pre-built controls and enhanced offline support, Alpha Anywhere 4.4.5 includes features in the following areas:

  • New AlphaLaunch features for publishing apps to Amazon S3!
  • Security Enhancements for the Alpha Anywhere Application Server
  • Create apps backed by SQLite databases!
  • Amazon S3 Ohio Region Support
  • Plugin Usage Descriptions for iOS Apps
  • New layouts for Xdialog ListViews!
  • New Xbasic and JavaScript API methods for offline events, Active Directory, SQL Server Reporting Services, email, and more (See the Release Notes for full details.)

Download the latest release from within Alpha Anywhere today and start building amazing apps!

Not an Alpha Anywhere User? Get the Trial

Download the Alpha Anywhere trial to explore these features and more. Click here to get the trial. Need a starting point?  Download one of our fully customizable sample apps for free with your 30-day trial to jump start your learning experience.

Don't have time for the trial? Watch our Alpha Anywhere 4.4.5 YouTube Playlist to learn about the new features.

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Innovation continuing at a fast Pace. Announcing Alpha Anywhere
Innovation continuing at a fast Pace. Announcing Alpha Anywhere


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