Alpha Anywhere Review: From One Business User

Alpha Anywhere has managed to build a product that delivers the outcome that almost every organization is searching for in 2017 and beyond. Here’s an Alpha Anywhere review in the words of one business user: Independent IT Business Developer Alan Singer, who has extensive experience with mobile development products.
The greatest challenge for organizations going forward is to stay competitive and relevant by ensuring the dominating channels to market (mobile and web) are effective in keeping up with customer demands, and sufficient to support the business to stay viable and grow.
Organizations are planning to build innumerable mobile and web applications over the coming years as the convergence of device saturation, ubiquitous connectivity, business model disruption, business competition, new legislation and changing work and leisure mores cause seismic shifts in the way everyone will provide and consume information.
These applications for mobile and web need to be built fast, be built to change, be cost minimal to build, be ready for all devices and all connectivity scenarios and be able to build applications that integrate and can deliver all outcomes needed with no limitations. Hello Alpha Anywhere!
Alpha Anywhere has the capability to build highly sophisticated mobile and web applications, integrated into cloud and legacy systems – and to build them in days and weeks, with no limitations – and to do it with a product that puts it in the sweet spot of no less than 7 evaluation vectors.
No other platform designed to build mobile and web applications comes anywhere near to Alpha Anywhere when it comes to the combined power of the 7 evaluation criteria.
Here are seven areas where Alpha has product and market supremacy;
1. Speed to deliver the most complex and sophisticated mobile and web applications – fastest in breed.
2. Speed to change applications as needs and requirements change – fastest in breed.
3. Platform cost of Alpha Anywhere is significantly less than the cost (both initial and on-going) of any other product that purports to be in the same class as Alpha Anywhere.
4. Richness, depth and capability of the platform is literally without limitations – Alpha Anywhere is the absolute leader by light-years when comparing the fullness of the development capability it offers. 
5. Mobile capability of Alpha Anywhere to build once for all devices, manage off-line use cases and best in breed re-connect synchronization. 
6. Developers ability to accelerate their output with Alpha Anywhere – Alpha Anywhere allows developers to do more of what they have been trained to do, but faster and with greater effectiveness.
7. Alpha Software’s on-going development and continual addition of new features led by a team of software industry “rock stars” who have had an unprecedented  impact on the IT industry over the last 40-plus years.
Thank you for the kind words, Alan!  We’re pleased to hear that, in your opinion, Alpha Anywhere hit the mark.
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