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Alpha Anywhere and Worldpay Announce Integration

World Pay
We are excited to announce that we have integrated our Alpha Anywhere development environment with Worldpay, a leading global payment provider, to speed the creation of payment-enabled mobile business apps.

By combining Alpha Anywhere, a unique mobile and web app development environment featuring offline capability, with Worldpay’s payment processing expertise, enterprises can now easily add premium payment processing services to mobile and web applications.

"Forrester Research recently reported that, ‘over the next five years, US mobile payments will grow to $142 billion,’"1 said Richard Rabins, Alpha Software Corporation CEO. "As enterprises seek to meet customers’ demand for payment-enabled apps, they will be challenged to quickly deploy apps while maintaining robust security. As we continue to add innovative capabilities to the Alpha Anywhere environment, this combination of products will enable our customers to take advantage of the mobile payments revolution."

Alpha Anywhere developers can now leverage Worldpay’s fast and simple set up to accept payments anywhere. Worldpay adds a wealth of global payments experience, with an average of 9.4 million transactions daily in the US alone. Through the Worldpay relationship, Alpha will support the numerous payment types provided by Worldpay."There is a real opportunity for enterprises today to offer robust, payment-enabled apps to their constituents, however many are challenged with quickly and easily developing and deploying these apps," said Hunter Menton, Vice President, Worldpay. "By partnering with Alpha, an application development market leader, together we can help enterprises expand their mobile apps ecosystem and simplify mobile payments."

Case Study: athleticloud

Cloudworks Global recently released a robust, scalable payment-enabled application using the Alpha/Worldpay API. The athleticloud app from Cloudworks Global serves as a mobile information hub for high school athletic directors, coaches, athletes and parents. It was built, tested and deployed dramatically faster than typical app development timeframes that Cloudworks Global had previously experienced and at significantly lower cost than alternate approaches. The Alpha Anywhere platform flexibility allowed Cloudworks Global to quickly update the app to meet requirements, while seamless integration with Worldpay saved significant development time. The application quickly expanded from high school athletics into a complete solution for anyone within a school system that needs to manage resources, scheduling and payments.
Our mission is to create a universal platform that enables education and non-profits to more easily manage payments, connect and organize members, and communicate valuable information via mobile devices. We attempted to develop our second version of athleticloud using other technologies, but after ten months of development we were only 75 percent of the way there. By leveraging the expertise of Alpha Software and Worldpay, within two months, we built, tested and deployed our new app including new capabilities surpassing the original scope which enables us to seize new market opportunities. We delivered the app in less time, with less staff and for significantly less cost. We are beyond impressed."— Andrew Oldfield, CEO of Cloudworks Global


About Worldpay

As a division of The Worldpay Group, Worldpay US provides leading payments processing services across multiple verticals including grocery, petroleum, retail, restaurant, ecommerce and small business. Utilizing traditional point-of-sale technologies to mobile devices, customers can accept payments anytime, anywhere. From transaction capturing and processing to merchant acquiring, Worldpay provides insightful expertise, seamless delivery and valued relationships. We’re defining the way we work at Worldpay. Through innovation and investment, the Worldpay brand supports our desire to strengthen our focus on our customers and to provide the most secure and reliable processing platform in the industry. Visit us at

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