Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Mobile Apps for Construction

The Future of the Construction Industry is the Combination of AI, IoT and Mobile Apps

The future of the industry lies in combining Artificial Intelligence, IoT and mobile apps for Construction.

Construction has traditionally been considered the ultimate blue-collar industry, dependent on brawn, big pieces of equipment and clipboards rather than computers and mobile devices. But all that is about to change. Artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and mobile are making inroads into how the construction industry operates, and will revolutionize it within the next few years. The future of the industry lies in combining artificial intelligence, IoT and mobile apps for construction.

In “How Artificial Intelligence Could Revolutionize Construction,” the Association of Equipment Manufacturers lays out the ways in which AI will change the construction industry. Dan Kara, research director, robotics, ABI Research, said in the article that AI will help the industry in optimizing development as well as doing quality control testing on products and design structures.

Beyond that, he says that AI use on job sites is growing, “particularly in applications involving machine vision for surveying and analyzing materials and structures, or for robotics applications such as automated bricklaying or autonomous vehicles.”

In addition, he says, AI will be used to for architectural surveying, to improve construction equipment’s human-machine interfaces and to predict injuries.

Carol Hagen, a consultant to the construction industry, says that combining AI with IoT will play a big role as well, by the use of sensors that capture every aspect of the construction process, from design to delivery. Diego Ventura. the CEO of the AI firm nohold, wrote in a blog that drones are already being used on construction sites in concert with AI. The photos they take can be used by AI to “create 3D maps, extract blueprints, and simulate construction plans.”

Mobile can be the missing link between AI and IoT. All that IoT data needs to be captured before it can be stored and analyzed. A good deal of construction takes place in remote locations, and it’s not realistic to lay cable to the sites in order to capture the data. So it will have to be gathered wirelessly. In addition, when workers and managers are in the field, they’ll need access to all that IoT data, and the analysis IT does on it. That means mobile apps.

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