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AVIS Improves Customer Service with Alpha Anywhere Car Rental Software

AVISAVIS has been using Alpha Anywhere to manage the car rental process, including customer check-in, car fleet management and synchronizing data with Avis's central mainframe computer. The company is now expanding their apps to include new functionality in Alpha Anywhere v4.

Recently, The Farber Consulting Group, Inc., which is working closely with AVIS on the project, shared two videos that walk through the improved contract signatures using ink control in Alpha Anywhere v4.  The core of the car rental software was re-done for a much better performance while using the new Ink control from Alpha AnyWhere. These improvements give customers a better and faster experience:

Part 1

Part 2

The information below from The Farber Consulting Group, Inc., goes into detail on this functionality:
1.  The speed of each process is about 100 times faster when display the SVG file as a contract. The file is only 14 K and it can be saved into the database as a string. It is replicated to the backup server in less than 30 seconds. Initially the contract is sent as a text file and on the fly we convert that file into an SVG file.
SVG – is a vector based file and very light weight. It is easy to integrate graphics and text together and especially when using the signature capable while using the Alpha Anywhere software development.

It is a text based file and easily could be stored anywhere including any database. The Avis car rental company has 2 database servers within 2 different locations. The master database copies each record with the SVG contract into the second database. The SVG file could be viewed with any Brower since it is based on HTML5. You can actually see that in the second part of the video.

2. The PDF is by far much clearer and added darker fonts for capability, It used before very light. The PDF file is basically the actual rental contract and is being generated out of the SVG file. It was required some trial and error attempts to make fonts darker and the size as 8 points.

3. Mark Document options: It is coming from the new Ink Control. Each function below is built into the Ink control and was very easy to implement.

Clear Marking
Undo Last
Redo Last

Redo Last

4. When the Customer signs up the contract in the second monitor, the agent gets a message in the first monitor. The message tells the agent to proceed without even exchanging any word with the customer. This way the agent continues faster to complete the process of the contract.

Process of the Contract

 5. Created a whole panel control for the agent so he/she can stay where they are and in one click they can redo as follows:

a.  Sign Again – if one signature was missed
b.  Sign again with Ref Ink only – meaning display again the Red marks without leaving the actual screen and start all over.
c. Re-Mark the contract from the same position
d. Remove Red Marks. This way the agent can see how the contract looks like a head of time.

 A Head of Time

6. The red marks are stored with the SVG file and just made them invisible. Since SVG format is based on HTML5. it is very easy to change the color of the red ink to any color including invisible.  Just use HTML5 code.

That flexibility could be useful in court, and can even prove where the customer actually was supposed to sign at first place.

7. Each menu option is enabled upon previous action. Say you finished the Mark option, the Sign option will be enabled upon that. This way you can prevent any mistake by clicking the wrong option.

Wrong Option

In the above image after saving the Damage Report, the Mark option is enabled.  The Sign option will be enabled after the agent saved the red marks on top of the contract via the Mark option.

8. Improved the display of the damage report: When you enter notes of any damage. It will immediately show up as embedded text when the agent clicks the Mark option.

We’re pleased to see customers using these new Alpha Anywhere V4 features in their business apps.

Read more about the Farber Group’s work with AVIS.

Read about the new ink control and other capabilities in Alpha Anywhere v4.
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