Building a Dashboard with Alpha Anywhere Rapidly

By Michael Cornfrord

In this case the client operates a busy clothing e-commerce site.


The Dashboard is a quick source of weekly data showing sales and inventory and is designed to help management get a better understanding regarding how the business is doing. It can be viewed by country or fabric, price band or season. There are historic comparisons over the  last four weeks, the last 12 weeks and more.

Merchandising was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on product. The spreadsheets that used to drive the process were becoming slow and breaking. They had 7,000 plus SKUs and more than a 100 weeks worth of historic data for many of the more established SKUs.

Check the demo (by clicking the link below) which shows how the Dashboard was built in Alpha Anywhere by taking advantage of  the Alpha Anywhere “toolbox control layout” feature.

Watch the demo video here 


Step 1: The team put together a series of dashboard ideas.

This sketch below only shows the layout and boxes with the type of data to be displayed

Once design started on the process it became much easier to refine the data required and the important data locations.

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