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Developing Mobile Web Apps with Alpha Anywhere

How to create a smartphone app from website

While most of our customers are focused on building mobile apps for the enterprise, many are building web apps -- i.e. apps that run on a desktop browser or even websites that interface with a database back-end. Mobile apps may be the future but that doesn't make these web apps any less critical to today's business processes, and many enterprises -- accross a wide range of industries -- are still reliant on web apps to get the job done. What is critical is that these web apps, or data-driven websites, run smoothly on mobile devices as well as desktop computers. You, as the developer, can simply no longer assume that enterprise workers will be desk-bound. Alpha Anywhere takes the pain out of building web apps that can be deployed as mobile apps. You can create custom mobile and web apps from a single codebase.

Create a smartphone app that uses the same code as your web app or website

With that in mind, Alpha Anywhere customer Peter Conway put together this excellent new video demonstrating his ecommerce web app running on both a desktop browser and his smartphone. The beauty of it all? The website and the mobile app are running the exact same codebase! Not to mention the fact that while most other solutions address either the front-end or the back-end, Alpha Anywhere combines all required client and server development features so that a data heavy ecommerce web app like Peter’s can be built from scratch on a single platform.

How Peter went from web apps to mobile apps

Peter has developed using Alpha Software products since Alpha Five version 8. He started to really give Alpha Anywhere a workout earlier this year and thanks to Alpha's Rapid Mobile App Development capabilities is now fully proficient in everything the platform has to offer. "The time I spent with Alpha Anywhere was well worth my investment and has paid off," said Conway. "Who would have ever imagined this power and functionality would be in our hands right now. I think the playing field has never been this level before, and that's important, not just to us as developers but our clients as well. Their competitors are in a very hungry marketplace called mobile, and they are beginning to realize - if they aren't in it, they won't survive." With a slick mobile user experience like Peter's that seamlessly adapts to every operating system (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.) your clients are definitely going to be impressed. Now think of the functionality you could give your mobile apps using Alpha Anywhere's built-in offline capabilities and new Mobile Optimized Forms features; you'll have them head over heels with mobile in no time.
Alpha Software Peter Conway is Co-founder of Cloud Perfect, LLC. He can be reached at
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