Coming Soon in Alpha: How to Dynamically Populate a UX with a SQL Table

We’re gearing up to deliver a new full release of Alpha Anywhere and along with it over 100 new features and capabilities. Below is a sneak peak of one such new feature along with a tutorial video. This is now available in the pre-release version of the software, available to all active subscribers.

Dynamically Populating List Columns and Data with the Generic SQL Table Viewer

The List control on a UX is one of the most versatile controls in the Alpha Anywhere rapid mobile app development platform. To demonstrate its versatility, this video shows a sample UX component that can be used to view the data in any table in a SQL database.

The UX has a dropdown  where the user can select the table in a SQL database and then a callback is made to the server to dynamically populate the List with the data from the table. In addition, the UX contains a search part where the user can specify filter criteria to filter the data in the table.