Enhancements to the code editors in Alpha Anywhere 2.0


Highlighting Opening and Closing 'Pair' Delimiters

If you are you using or evaluating Alpha Anywhere, you will soon realize that one of Alpha's strengths is the ability to get a huge amount of your app built without writing code, but at the same time, it does allow you to code on both the client and the server side when and if you want to.

As such we are always looking to improve productivity for developers in both the non-coding and the coding areas of the product

Below you will see a good example of recent enhancements in Alpha Anywhere 2.0 in terms of the code editors


When editing Xbasic or Javascript code, html, JSON etc. it is often helpful to be able to see the start and end of different 'pairs'.

For example in an Xbasic function call, highlighting the opening an closing parentheses. Or in a Javascript function, highlighting the opening and closing curly braces. In some HTML text, the opening and closing tags (e.g. <div>, <body>, <p> , etc.)

In addition, once a 'pair' has been identified, keyboard shortcuts (Control  ] and Control-Shift ] )  allow you to quickly move focus from the start of the 'pair' to the end of the 'pair' or to select all of the text inside the 'pair'.

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