Developing Mobile and Web Apps with Alpha Anywhere: How do We Compare Against the Competition?

How does Alpha Anywhere compare to the competition in mobile and web app development?

This is a question we get asked often as people consider the options in the marketplace

Choosing the right mobile app development tool can be difficult. Businesses custom mobile application needs vary. However, there are some common mobile app requirements among enterprises. We came up with this graphic below designed to explain why Alpha Anywhere’s mobile application development platform hits the sweetspot for many people who need to build secure, offline capable enterprise class mobile and web apps rapidly with flexible integration with databases and applications. At Alpha Software, we want our mobile app development software to make building enterprise-quality mobile apps easy without sacrificing the must-have features your business needs.

Business criteria that people often tell us that they have are:

  • “we need to build rapidly and we need the platform to be relatively easy to learn”
  • “in order to build rapidly we need a single platform that does it all and where the front end is aware of the backend and vice-versa”
  • “we need to be sure the platform has sufficient power and extensibility so that we can be confident that the platform will not run out of steam before the job is able to be competed.”

In addressing this set of criteria – we came up with two very important axes.

1 – Does the platform address the front end and the end  or does it just address the front end or the back end

2- Is the platform predominantly coding oriented (powerful but time consuming and requires very skilled developers,) is the platform no code oriented (which makes it faster and potentially easier but in most/many cases will not have the flexibility to solve real world problems,) or is the platform predominantly wizard driven but still lets you code on either the front end or the back end  if need be – (this approach is designed to give you speed of development, the power to solve real world problems and can be used by less skilled developers.)

Based on this we cam up with this chart that shows how Alpha Anywhere was designed to maximize productivity while at the same time not making you compromise on power and flexibility


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