How to Securely Distribute Mobile Apps to 100% of Mobile Workers

Republished with permission from Apperian blog

Written by Stephen Skidmore, Director of Product Marketing at Apperian

Best-in-class companies in enterprise mobility share a common trait: they securely distribute mobile apps to all of their end users. This includes corporate employees, contract workers, and business partners.

In some cases, companies need to quickly distribute a single app (e.g. mobile ERP) to a larger user population. In other instances, a specific enterprise mobile app is targeted at a functional unit such as sales where the app needs to be downloaded onto each field rep’s device within a matter of hours. Or perhaps an app needs to be distributed to a large number of contract workers.

Apperian securely_distribute_apps

Under any of these scenarios, a mobile app must be privately and securely delivered quickly. Administrators who want to avoid the risks associated with using a public app store such as iTunes or Google Play can count on an enterprise app store to distribute enterprise mobile apps without the overhead or intrusion of installing mobile device management (MDM) on a user’s device.

An enterprise app store that provides a familiar, native experience can get the apps that matter into the hands of 100% of a company’s employees since it’s easy to use and doesn’t require user training. Apps that are powered by a private enterprise app store can be inspected and wrappedwith policies.

Also apps contained in an enterprise app store can be auto-signed. Instead of installing an app through a public app store, users activate an app link sent by email, text or through a QR code which automatically install the app on the user’s device.

Powered by a mobile application management (MAM™) platform , enterprise app stores can deliver secure mobile productivity within minutes.

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