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JSON is the de-facto standard for data interchange in web applications

JSON is the de-facto standard for data interchange in web applications.
Xbasic has many functions that make working with JSON data really easy. Two of the particularly useful functions are
  • json_validate() - for validating JSON
  • json_reformat() for formatting JSON data so that it is easier to read.
Xbasic Validating and Reformatting JSON Data Xbasic has many functions that make working with JSON data easy. Two particularly useful functions are json_validate() and json_reformat(). These functions are described in this video.

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Date added: 2015-10-22

For more on JSON support in Alpha Anywhere, please go to // and search for JSON.

Scroll down  the page after you search to find the JSON category and you will see the following videos in the list .

Alpha SoftwareIntroduction to JSON, Part 1 Learn how to use client-side and server-side JSON.13:48
Alpha SoftwareIntroduction to JSON, Part 2 Learn how to use client-side and server-side JSON.08:23
Alpha SoftwareIntroduction to JSON, Part 3 Learn how to use client-side and server-side JSON.08:40
Alpha SoftwareIntroduction to JSON, Part 4 Learn how to use client-side and server-side JSON.13:15
Alpha SoftwareIntroduction to JSON, Part 5 Learn how to use client-side and server-side JSON.17:20
Alpha SoftwareEnterprise Mobility - Data Integration for Field Services Apps Alpha Anywhere makes it a snap to work with SQL and Web Services, it allows you to integrate data from multiple sources and includes tools for working with JSON and XML data.02:34
Alpha SoftwarePopulate Tree Control Using Javascript Populate a Tree Control using javascript04:42
Alpha SoftwareConsuming JSON Data An overview of consuming JSON data returned from Web APIs.50:30
Alpha SoftwareTemplate Tester Tutorial The client-side template engine in the UX Component is very powerful, but to be able to take full advantage of its power, it is necessary to understand the syntax used in client-side templates.In this video we demonstrate how to use the Template Tester. The demonstration includes a walkthrough of examples built into the Template Tester and provides an extensive overview of Client-side Template syntax.35:51
Alpha SoftwareClient Side Templates Tutorial Client-side templating allows you to generate HTML for display by merging a data object into a template. The client-side template library in Alpha Anywhere is extremely powerful and can be compared with similar functionality in 3rd party templating libraries, such as Mustache.js and Handlebars.js.In this video we show how a complex template can be designed to display data (a list of Orders with OrderItems for each order) in a richly formatted display. The video shows how the templating system can compute values, including summary values.38:00
Alpha SoftwareHow to Display Custom Information on the Calendar - Formatting Data in JSON Format In this video, we go into detail about how to use the Calendar control's onItemDraw and onMonthNavigate events, and how to make the Ajax callbacks to get the data from the database in the required JSON format.This video covers understanding the Xbasic to get the orders for a given month in the required JSON format.04:36
Alpha SoftwarePopulating Menus Using a JSON String or an Xbasic Function The choices in the menu can be specified by a JSON string that defines the menu, or by executing an Xbasic
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