Mobile Team Management SaaS App AthletiCloud: Developed 8 Times Faster with Alpha Anywhere

We are proud to announce that AthletiCloud was built in record time in Alpha Anywhere 3.0


Cloudworks Global recently released a robust, scalable payment-enabled application using the Alpha/Worldpay API that is now built into Alpha Anywhere 3.0

Alpha Anywhere is a rapid mobile application development platform. Built in tools allow you to add data security and integration, offline access, and more. Alpha’s low code framework allows you to rapidly build and deploy mobile, web, and desktop application. Cloudworks Global was able to deliver a mobile application in a fraction of the time with more functionality than anticipated.

The AthletiCloud app from Cloudworks Global serves as a mobile information hub for high school athletic directors, coaches, athletes and parents. It was built, tested and deployed dramatically faster than typical app development timeframes that Cloudworks Global had previously experienced and at significantly lower cost than alternate approaches.

The Alpha Anywhere mobile development platform flexibility allowed Cloudworks Global to quickly update the app to meet requirements, while seamless integration with Worldpay saved significant development time.

The application quickly expanded from high school athletics into a complete solution for anyone within a school system that needs to manage resources, scheduling and payments.

“Our mission is to create a universal platform that enables education and non-profits to more easily manage payments, connect and organize members, and communicate valuable information via mobile devices,” said Andrew Oldfield, CEO of Cloudworks Global. “We attempted to develop our second version of AthletiCloud using other technologies, but after ten months of development we were only 75 percent of the way there. By leveraging the expertise of Alpha Software and Worldpay, within two months, we built, tested and deployed our new app including new capabilities surpassing the original scope which enables us to seize new market opportunities. We delivered the app in less time, with less staff and for significantly less cost. We are beyond impressed.”