New Release: Alpha Anywhere 2.0

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New Release: Alpha Anywhere 2.0

Seamless Adobe PhoneGap Build Integration, Plus Other Powerful New Features, Slash Time Required to Build and Deploy Enterprise-class Mobile, Web, and Windows Desktop Business Applications

We are thrilled to announce the release of Alpha Anywhere 2.0! Available to all current Alpha Anywhere license holders now, Version 2.0 represents the most significant update to the platform since its initial release last summer.

Alpha Anywhere 2.0 is a complete front-end to back-end, prototype-to-production environment for rapidly developing and deploying enterprise-level, cross-platform mobile and web business and SaaS applications. And, these applications can be either HTML5 or Hybrid apps. (See the infographic.)

Seamless PhoneGap Integration

Building upon Alpha’s unparalleled innovation demonstrated in past updates to the product, Alpha Anywhere 2.0 incorporates a host of powerful enhancements, including seamless Adobe PhoneGap Build integration, which gives your HTML5 apps access to native device capabilities and deployment through app stores.

Watch PhoneGap integration overview video
Video: Overview of PhoneGap integration in Alpha Anywhere 2.0

What Else Is New In Version 2.0?

New Styles: iOS7 and Android
With this update comes three beautiful new styles for iOS7 and Android. These new styles feature the sleek, modern design that mobile users have come to expect—plus support for CSS icons! (More info on using CSS icons below.)

CSS Icons (Icon Fonts)
Built-in, wizard-driven support for industry standard icon fonts makes it easy to choose and use high-quality icons and design elements that are rendered as fonts instead of requiring multiple bitmaps for different screen sizes and resolutions. Developers can choose from a wide variety of professionally designed icons, allowing them to get a polished look with little effort.Watch the video

Pre-Defined ‘Split-View’ Quick Start Templates
A common pattern in mobile apps is the ‘split-view’ which shows a menu on the left and a work area on the right. On a phone, the menu is hidden and only shown on demand, but on a tablet, the menu is always shown. Now, with Alpha Anywhere, you can simply select a pre-defined split-view quick start template to automatically generate the outline—complete with CSS icons—of a stunning menu for your mobile apps!Watch the video Part 1Part 2Part 3

Security Framework: Automated SQL Databases
The Web Application Security framework allows you to store the account information for the users and groups in your security framework in either .dbf tables or a SQL database. Previously, configuring the Web Security Framework to use SQL tables was a manual process, but now a new genie makes it easy for you switch a previously configured Security Framework from .dbf tables to SQL tables without losing any of your data.

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