Oil and Gas Mobile App Developed Using Alpha Anywhere

In this blog we often talk about specific features in Alpha Anywhere and what distinguishes it for rapidly building enterprise mobile and web apps.

At the end of the day the exciting part is to see what practical applications people are creating with Alpha Anywhere. Alpha Anywhere's rapid mobile application development platform is utilized by many businesses to develop custom mobile and web applications. App created using Alpha Anywhere can be built once and deployed to a variety of web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Create smartphone and tablet apps for iOS, Andriod, and more from a single code base.

Below are images from a brochure of a new mobile app built in Alpha Anywhere for use in the Oil and Gas industry where workers are connected through their mobile devices in the field to the IBM Maximo Application.






Alpha Solutions for Oil and Gas

Powerful Data Capture Apps for Inspectors, Exploration or Production Teams

Safety Inspections  •  Pipeline Inspections  •  Gemba Walks  •  Platform Audits  •  Certifications and Training    
Pumpjack Inspections  •  Work Orders •  Time and Attendance  •  ISO Certifications   
Dispatch  •  Licensing  •  and more,,,


Four Steps to Figuring the ROI of Mobile Apps Developed for Business
Alpha Anywhere Empowers People to Hatch and Build Businesses - Check Out Meyer Hatchery

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Richard Rabins

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