One Software Engineer Warns His Peers: “You Are Not Paid To Write Code”

A recent DZone article by Tyler Treat, a backend engineer at Workiva, warns developers:
“We’re not paid to write code, we’re paid to add value (or reduce cost) to the business.”
He explains that software engineers “should understand that they are not defined by their tools but rather by the problems that they solve and ultimately the value they add.” 

Treat advises DevOps teams not to wait for other teams to finish their components or for resources to become available, but instead to adopt a more agile development process.

It’s solid advice for developers to keep in mind as they strain to keep up with the backlog of business application requests.

To read the full DZone article, click here.

To read how with Alpha Anywhere we’re helping developers get routine parts of projects out of the way through Alpha's declarative (non coding) approach, so the developer  can focus on solving high-value custom activities through custom codding the front-end and back-end, click here and here.

Developers who are using Alpha Anywhere have told us that they really appreciate that they can use Alpha's declarative approach (wizards/genies) to deliver the speed of development that their managers require, while at the same time, Alpha's declarative approach frees up the developer's time which they then are able to use for writing custom front-end and back-end code to solve the unique/interesting parts of the app.

This scenario should be contrasted to a scenario that would exist (if Alpha Anywhere was not being used,) where all, or the vast majority of the app has to be coded. In this case, the developer is simply not left with enough time that lets them craft great code to produce an elegant solution to the unique/interesting parts of the app.
One of the Secrets explaining how Alpha Anywhere delivers Rapid Application Development with no limitations
Why Does Start Software Call Alpha Anywhere's Low-Code Environment a "Developer's Best Friend"?

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Amy Groden-Morrison

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